Introducing #FactsChallenge

in blog •  2 years ago

Hello, This is Shafay planning to start Factschallenge.
I am trying hard to make a project that can actually pay off to Steem new users to keep them encouraged.
So after thinking hard I came to a this amazing idea of FactsChallenge.

Yup, and the most interesting part is it is going to be very simple for your minnows to participate. All you need to do is find a Fact !

There are following rules to participate!

  1. Follow @factspert
  2. Submit a post on Steemit with "factschallenge" tag
  3. The Fact will be specific to an idea such as animals, internet, humans, science and can be repeated if needed.

The project is still in development and I will announce the rewards in next post after seeing the response I will get from this one.

Any ideas, suggestion? Kindly comment

You can also donate to project to keep it going :)

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