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Hi! I’m @enormeanimal a blogger from Mexico City and this is my #introduceyourself post.

Together, my girlfriend and I are co-creators of @elteamgordo a weelknow blog (I wish) on Steemit and in other traditional social media. This project continues and will continue forever and ever, I hope.

But I felt the need to open a more personal profile where I can share another kind of stuff not related to @elteamgordo. This is because I already see @elteamgordo as a brand and sharing things that have nothing to do with food or travel make me a little uncomfortable and make our blog look a little bad.

What are you going to share here?

Well to be accurate you could find here everything but food in here, but maybe sometimes food, definitely you’ll find food. It’s part of me and I can’t remove it completely, but I’ll try to keep it on the sidelines.

Maybe you’ll find some tech stuff. I’m closing a deal with the Nokia phones guys. YES they’re back!! And with some cool phones that the will lend to me. More news about this in later posts.

Also I’ll be writing about crypto (I’m really far from an expert but I’ll tell what I learn), opinions on stuff, some sports, trying new apps, occasional rants and random posts.

In fewer words: I’ll write the hell I want!

# Why @enormeanimal?

That’s a really good question and if someone happens to ask, I will tell you the following story.

Many years ago in a country far far away I was working on a bad tv show for Mexicans living in USA. Part of this show was shooting Mexican wrestling matches and interviews with wrestlers.

That show ended because it was really, really bad but we got really in love with wrestling. Before the show end, we decided to use the material from the wresting matches and open a web site www.lasluchas.com it was a site where you could see some clips about Mexican wrestling. We got some really cool stuff there like the next clip with more than 14M views titled “La Muerte de Lizmark” (The Death of Lizmark) he wasn’t really dead but he was badly injured and we named that clip that way. Maybe this was the start of Fake News…

So with that in mind we tried to create a production studio with that name but our former boss refused to give up the domain. At that time we were very much into wrestling movies and our favorite was “Santo y Blue Demon contra los Monstruos” (Santo & Blue Demon vs the Monsters). In that movie appeared our heroes Santo & Blue Demon, the most famous Mexican wrestlers ever and the bad guys, the monsters staring Frankestein, a Vampire, The Vampire Woman, a Werewolf and a Cyclops (our favorite).

In the movie el Santo described the cyclops as a “Huge Animal Plantigrade” (Enorme Animal Platigrado in spanish) and we took that Cyclops as the image of our new studio calling it “Taller EAP” wich translates to EAP Studio. EAP standing for Enorme Animal Plantigrado. This name was a hit, people love it, clients love it and more important we love it.

It was really fun to work with that image clients find that fun and irreverent and we take it seriously reflecting an anti-systemic image going to corporate meetings in shorts and making fun of marketing concepts like the 4 p’s. But that era came to an end and so Taller EAP. But I was really into that name Enorme Animal Plantigrado and some clients call me just Enorme Animal. During that time some friends call me also that way and I took that name and use it in many social networks, I bought the domain www.enormeanimal.com so it became part of me.

Because the studio ended bad I needed to change the image so I took a photo of my dog Zeus (who rests in peace) he was a badass pitbull, my first dog and still my best friend.

See you around.


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