😈 Don't Touch 😈

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He's not crazy don't worry. No matter how much he looks like a little psychopath.... All is well. I tried to snag a picture of him looking all cute after he spent a good 20 minutes zooming all over the house but ended up catching him mid sneeze.

Been editing more boxing content. Slow motion face smashing always looks crazy cool.

So apparently there's some big changes happening around here huh? I've gotta be honest I've pretty much been lost as to the goings-on in the eco system for the last 6 months or so. So what's the deal are we gonna be able to buy Lamborghinis soon or what?

Anywho just wanted to say hi.
Hope you guys are well.
Much love


well to be honest nobody really knows what is going on, just a bunch of speculation surrounding what Justin Sun / Tron plans to do with acquisition of Steemit, Inc and steemit.com.

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