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My usual on-chain interaction dropped dramatically, lately. Even some people asked about my absence.

That's because moving to a different country and a huge change on my usual business domain (still developing software, this time my python magic works on embedded systems instead of web.) takes a good amount of orientation time.

With the first two months experience in the Netherlands, I can say I love living here. The only thing I miss is the amazing Turkish cuisine. Luckily lots of Turkish markets and restaurants available here due to immigration wave on 70s.

I still follow the development of Steem and pretty excited about Mira. Ordered a new dedicated server to run a public fat RPC node (you got yourself a nice naming convention, @gtg) backed by Mira, next to my public Hivemind instance.

I will be allocating more time in a couple of weeks and catch my old pace. Even though I couldn’t do much lately, somehow getting new witness votes. Much appreciated.


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Nice to hear you're settling in nicely. :3

Looking forward to you being back fully!

Thanks! :)

Really glad you haven't quit. You are missed but very happy you're settling in and wish you nothing but best wishes for your on chain and off chain life mate....perhaps now you can start supporting a decent football team ;-)

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well, galatasaray will be at champion’s league again, see you there.

Oh, we cant see leeds at international cups, sorry 😬

Jokes aside, cant decide between Ajax and PSV.

We can't even see Leeds at national cups lol but we are closer now with our Argie at the helm!
I'd go for Ajax. I used to love watching them on TV as a young kid and they had a cool kit!

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Good to see you back!


Shifting homes itself is difficult and shifting to another country can be quite challenging. have fun!

Thank you!

Reis Hayırlı olsun. Sizin adınıza çok sevindim.

Tesekkurler :)

Tesekkurler :)

Hi @emrebeyler nice to see you around :)

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Thx. for creating dpoll I tried it today for the first time and it's excellent work!


Thanks for the update and enjoy Heineken and Weedcash :)

PS. I miss kebabs here where I am now. :(