Wednesdaywalk: Uneventful

in blog •  5 months ago

Yes, I have been having some uneventful Wednesday. Anyway, it has not been totally uneventful. Before I go on, I will like to plead for everyone's understanding because I have not been very active these few days. I have been undergoing some challenges healthwise.

Today, I managed to move around my locality and take some shots for you to see. It wasn't eventful because I had planned to show some very nice things this week. Standing on the pedestrian walkway, I decided to capture this huge road with less traffic. 😀. Don't ask me why 🙌👅🙊.

The weather was very Sunny.

I got really interested in the roadside Stores as you can see below.

I also admire this mini bus around the town.


This is my #wednesdaywalk entry for this week. This challenge was initiated by @tattoodjay. To join in the fun, please follow the guidelines below:

Srceenshot from @tattoodjay's blog.


My signout message is:

Overcoming challenges makes us STRONGER, embrace each Challenge.



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I Hope it's nothing serious...How are you feeling now???
Take good care of yourself...


It's a bit serious but I'm getting better.
Thanks for caring

Sorry to hear you have bene having some issues i hope you feel bette soon

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk tip!


Thanks for the tip. My health condition is weird now 😂.

I will feel embarrassed to discuss it here. May be on discord later.


Fully understood :)


Thanks :)

I love your pictures and the one one the road without traffic is cool. Beautiful sky as well 👌
I'm sorry your not feeling well and you know I'm always here 🤗❤️🤗


Thanks dear, I will disturb you on discord later :)

Hello friend, good photos I hope you win the contest


Thanks :)