Reflecting on the works of children’s author and illustrator Rosemary Wells

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Rosemary Wells- is a famous children’s book author and illustrator. She is renowned for her work in the book series Max and Ruby which chronicles the adventures of two bunnies were brother and sister with Ruby being the oldest watching out for her curious and adventurous brother. Her books host a list of lovable and furry characters with very nuanced nuggets of wisdom shared to children as they read. Rosemary Wells illustrations are so expressive, yet simple; these colorful illustrations are perfect for children in the age range 2 to 6-year-old. Rosemary Wells says the inspiration for her books comes out of her own childhood had her own experiences. Wells books invoke so much emotional content from her childhood that helps children with character building.

Rosemary Wells does a beautiful job of making illustrations match the story. I find her books to be useful for children between the ages of three and six years old because they are so imaginative and playful. Her books also make an excellent choice for parents to read to their young children to encourage literacy. Her books invoke teaching moments for parents where they can take certain titles and give their children an introduction to specific life lessons and skills. Rosemary Wells carefully writes her books using memories and experiences from her past. In turn, she tries to instill values and life lessons she learned as a child into her stories and illustrations.

A brief selection of well-received works illustrated by Christian Robinson:
• Bunny Cakes (Max and Ruby)
• Max and Ruby's Bedtime Book
• Max Cleans Up (Max and Ruby)
• Max's Christmas (Max and Ruby)

Books to use for lessons

  1. Use this book to teach inclusiveness – Yoko
  2. Use this book to teach anti-bullying and respect – Noisy Nora
  3. This book is encouraging and helps kids get over a bad day - Voyage to the Bunny Planet
  4. Useful for teaching kids about money- Bunny Money (Max and Ruby)
  5. Good book to teach kids how to count - Max's Toys (Max and Ruby)

Excellent Rosemary Wells Interviews:

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