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At the end of the year many of us have dinner with our families, we think of all the things that have happened, we smile or we cry looking at the days of the past, always hoping that the new year will heal the wounds, fulfill our dreams and be better than the previous one.

I ask you to dream like never before, to decree everything you want as if it were already yours, to live every moment as if it were routine and as if it were unique. Always in the present, and carry out every plan, every goal or every dream that passes through your mind, learn not to hear the negative words and never stop working for what you want, that if, always distribute your time so that you give the necessary to people who love you, rest, distract you and most importantly ...
Be happy.

Elocuencia desnuda SteemPress : http://elocuenciadsnuda.vornix.blog/2019-3/
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Saludos amiga!!! un abrazo!!!

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