The best lifestyle is simplicity

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Humans include greedy animals in wealth and luxury. The desire to have a luxury car, have a big house, go abroad, and change a cell phone every month will be the most luxurious thing that is sought and desired by modern humans.

The maturity of the soul is needed for people who have a lot of wealth. They must control luxury so as not to become chaotic and chaos befall us. So being a smart person is very important when you have a lot of wealth

Lots of people who become stingy and arrogant because they have a lot of wealth. Living in luxury. But by having social science and following God's rules given through the Prophets, life becomes happier and more special.


Lifestyle is important, but forget yourself to be worse and cowardly. So luxury sometimes has to be applied, and sometimes not allowed at all.

Parents always remind their children not to be lulled by the sparkling life and luxury of the world. Because we will become slaves to the world, the world will treat us to depend on it, and make us look worse before God who gives love

The world has a trap
The world has a trick that is ready to make you enter the trap.
The world is ready to make you drunk in it and die without the honor of being in wealth and wealth.


Following an endless lifestyle will harm yourself and even become embarrassed.

We will do immoral acts to God more often.
Depriving others of their property gently and officially will become a trending topic every day in the mass media.

So lifestyle can cause a child not to acknowledge his mother.

Following a lifestyle will result in a wife asking for a divorce from her husband. And a husband will divorce his wife.

Then the lifestyle is a world trick that will damage your relationship with family and friends.

The world will look for loopholes and justifications to be able to subdue honorable people to be despised in the eyes of the All-Wise God.


Don't force yourself

Try to live your life naturally, not made up, Don't try to deceive others when you are actually deceiving yourself, and do not force yourself with a life force that is not your quota.

People who live modestly are more able to control their desires so they can manage their finances well. And also able to manage the household fairly and appropriately.

People who continue to follow the lifestyle will try to owe and continue to increase debt everywhere. This will result in our lives becoming stingy and messy in our souls.

We continue to display useless nonsense to be maintained, Only the ego continues to follow us where we go. So this is very bad.


Thank God

We pursue a lifestyle not to be a person who forgets to thank God. Don't be disobedient to parents.
Don't let us escape reality.
Don't let us forget the friends who have supported us so far.

The most frightening thing will happen to us, so continuing to be grateful and live God's command will bring peace of heart and body.

God will give us something better than just a lifestyle.
Try to live as simple as dressing
Try a simple life in eating and drinking.
Try our lifestyle in appearance.

So that does not mean we have to live in a dirty condition and in rags. No!

Then live in clean clothes and in a simple style.

That is, do not live past and do not also force yourself not to use any property.
But live midway in everything.

Mid in dress
Midway in food
Mid in style.


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