Farmers become simpler and have a simple lifestyle

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Sector supporting the progress of the country

Agriculture is still a sector that is relied on by the state in obtaining clean and quality logistics. The agricultural sector has been the backbone of the country's economy throughout the history of state living in the world from the time of history to modern times now.

Never underestimate agriculture, because agriculture is managed by the people. If the country wants to fight and the agricultural sector becomes chaotic and destroyed, then the state must be prepared to bear the risk of falling apart and falling apart.

There is a country that is important for agriculture, without any country, agriculture cannot be realized, so state peace will boost agriculture and run as it should.

Even developed countries rely heavily on agriculture that will supply all the needs of their people. Because food needs in developed countries exceed developing countries.


Sometimes not too important to the agricultural sector

We always enjoy the delicious and delicious rice we eat every day.

We enjoy the fresh vegetables in a delicious burger.
We always drink fresh and delicious fruit juice every day.
But behind these favors, there is a million long sadness from farmers.

farmers choose superior seeds for sowing.
Farmers then plant seeds.
Caring for seeds to grow healthy and right.
Farmers provide the best fertilizer for seeds and plants.

Then keep the plants from pests.
Harvest carefully and care for all your soul.

There are many problems that arise in planting and caring for plants.

So we must thank God for giving the farmers strength so they can proudly run.


Farmers are always focused and active

Many people like to think and confuse things that are not important to think about

Many things are unconscious that we are dreaming of decorating the sky with wishful thinking.

Many things are complicated, the more we think about the more complicated. But we have never applied it in real life.
We like the goals and results to be achieved, but we do not like the process and do not like to follow a long process.

Farmers always think realistically, think according to reality and always act.
Night thinking, morning doing.
This month it is planned to go down to the rice fields next month, so the next day he will immediately look for seeds for next month's planting.

So the farmer applies what he thinks.
They don't think about prices.
They are not afraid of pests which will be their problem.

Keep going according to plan.
When a problem occurs, then it is immediately overcome and eliminated.

Farmers think practically and have careful planning and in accordance with reality.
This is the nature of the farmers that I like in general.
And I want to be part of the farmer. and support their entire program.


Simple farmer life

Peaceful peasant life and remain happy in the midst of a simple and difficult life. But most farmers are not aware that their lives are very happy and peaceful compared to the lives of urban people.

The farmers do not see much of the modern lifestyle and the development of the times that are very significant, but they always focus on the plants and make them dear to God.

They continually work because God has given them life. and farmers are closer to being grateful and making their lives simpler with a simple lifestyle.


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Kaleuh seumula,nyan kajeut boh baja nak bagah puleh pade, seumoga beujeut keuraseuki.

Nyan sang jadeh payah kuh boh lam tanoh hehe..

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