Other Cool Vintage Things About My New House and HELP ME Choose a Wallpaper! (Discussion Topic)

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I know I've been posting a lot about my house and my new neighborhood, but I promise this is the last post about it :) I really need your help with choosing a color and wallpaper style for my living room. The thing is, I usually hate wallpaper because I feel like it can make a house look like a grandma house and I don't want that! Our house is part of Spokane's history and has a lot of vintage features , but I don't want the whole house look "old", I want to mix it with something modern.

So, here is something I did not share with you guys about the house... and these are the areas of the house where I want to have wallpaper.

Our REAL fireplace from 1948.

2018-02-14 09.31.41 2.jpg

And this is the wallpaper we have right now that has to be replaced with something new. I don't like green walls. This is a real color (no filter) of wood and brick that has to go well with new wallpaper.



What color and what kind of pattern would you choose for this wall?

Also, We have this really cool vintage doorbell /longbell by Rittenhouse from 1940s. It is right by the living room and this area should have the same wallpaper.

2018-02-09 03.03.12 1.jpg

Post your ideas in the comment area :) Thank You!!!


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Ok, i'm not gonna try to pass myself as an interior designer, I really have no idea, but seeing your call, I could not but help thinking of a new Steemit user called @anja.interiors :-) That could be her first assignment here on Steemit ^^

That chimney though! <3

thank you! I will msg her right now :) maybe she can help :)

So for me, it is a little bit difficult to give a advice without having to see the whole room and to know what kind of furniture there is. But maybe that's something for you?! Good luck with searching.

no furniture yet .... all we have is red brick fireplace and yellowish/orangey wood.

pictures look very nice, but I don't know if it will be good with redbrick.. First picture though.. the color is nice.

Hey! I really like your house, especially because of it's history and it would really be a shame if you don't keep the bell or the original fireplace. In my opinion, the fireplace bricks are beautiful and I would reccomend that you keep it this way, but because of that you should go for a lighter shade of cream/light gray for the walls - something very light and neutral. Later you can have a bright coloured accent chair and/or bright painting on the main wall.

yeah, I was thinking to go with beige or cream ... I don't feel like cold colors like gray will go well with yellow wood, but warmer color should be good. Thanks for advice! Bright painting or chair is a great idea!

but choosing a color seems easy to me, but I have no idea about the pattern of the wallpaper. What would you suggest?

Realmente hermoso😍😉👍

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