Elia Simpson; my one outfit

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One of my favourite TV series ever is Simpsons. I have been loving them since I was a kid when I couldn't yet appreciate the satirical and humoristic approach of the show.

As you all know, all the Simpsons have only one outfit -with an exception of a few times maybe that they were out of their traditional attire for the sake of the most memorable moments on the show.

So yesterday a strange idea crossed my mind. What would my outfit be if I were a Simpson? If I had to choose only one outfit for the rest of my life, or else my ghost outfit -lol-, what would it be? Well, it's not that hard to decide...


In the past I used to experiment a lot with my style. I tried out different colours, patterns and I had a lot of fun with the whole fashion thing. So back then it would be quite impossible to pick only one representative outfit. Slowly though, I started narrowing down my options, especially colourwise. My wardrobe consists 90% of black, dark grey and white items.

Figuring out the colours I love and my style eventually, made me feel more confident and more calm since I don't have to experiment anymore and buy all sort of unnecessary clothes I would never wear. From this point, I somehow ended up being obsessed with 3-4 items... And more specifically with one outfit which I would happily wear every single day if I could.

This was probably the side effect after working at a fashion magazine and being exposed to one thousand trends and styles and looks and bloggers and models and clothes and...more CLOTHES! I became sick of the whole "fashion" thing.

Yes, style is also about giving others a hint about who we are. It is a non verbal way of introducing our self. Considering the fact that I am not that loud as a person and I'm not that sociable either, my looks agree with my personality. Black attracts no attention but yet it is a strong "colour" -well it's not a colour but I have to call it somehow.

So as I was saying, while narrowing down things and making my everyday life easier, I ended up being obsessed with a dark grey oversized sweater and a pair of black leggings. (The colours of which have already faded due to regular washing).


That would definitely be my Simpsons outfit. For some might be boring but to me it is just PERFECT.


If you wish you can tell me what would yours be... :)

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I would probably wear a single colored shirt (like I do for work), dark pants and black shoes. Since I work every day, that would be exactly me.

Oh sounds cool! :) Casual and minimal! Thanks for sharing! :)