scientific conclusions about masculinity, anger and aggression

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Masculinity and anger

According to Jung, every man has both a male side and a female side. The female side is in shadow, but it exists - it is a "shadow". If the shadow is poorly developed, then the person becomes too aggressive. Aggression, in turn, is seriously associated with the traditional male gender role. In 2014, researchers from the University of South Australia were able to "drive" through the questionnaire, both women and men. It turned out that in general the number of "evil people" was the same, but they all had bias in the male gender identity. Yes, many women also answered how the peasants had to answer.

Your manhood is in danger

But in 2015, Julia Dal and her colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania found that if they defy masculinity, the subject would react to irritants with great anger and increased desire to dominate women. It turned out funny. Men filled questionnaires about the knowledge of stereotypes about the behavior of women and men. Half of the participants were told that they answered questions like an ordinary woman. The other half told the truth. Then follows the questionnaire to identify anger and irritation. It was assumed that men whose masculinity had been questioned would turn into aggressive goats, answering questions much more insolent, according to stereotypes.

The problem with testosterone

Similar conclusions were drawn by researchers from Gdansk University in 2016. One group of men reported that they had a low testosterone level, another group reported that it was high. Guess which of the groups behaved aggressively, according to all possible stereotypes about "real peasants"? Yes, that's right, first. But the second group was inclined to instantly repaint themselves in the liberals, who want universal equality with women. What he says? The fact that you, the peasant, is enough to say that you are a person, and you will immediately lose the desire to prove this argument by some prehistoric methods.

Masculinity is connected with extremes

The guys who consider themselves the largest peasants in the world usually fall into the political extreme. In other words, if you quote Stalin and Hitler, Pot Poth or cannibal Bakassu, then he says that, most likely, you will leave your masculinity. This can be found in the Bradley study of the Good Night of 2014, which was held at the University of Georgia. Sexual prejudice, a tendency to solve the problem with fists, an absolute imbalance - all this was included.

When you get drunk, you open up the suppressed masculinity

Finally, in 2015, researchers from the same university in Georgia were able to interview many men, not only on the subject of masculinity, but also on alcohol. The questionnaires were submitted in two stages. One of them was designed to go "into sober", the other - to the passage of alcohol in the company. During the interview, you could hit a fictitious opponent with an electric shock. And then the conclusions can be understood as anything, because it turned out that the "typical behavior of a man" is completely revealed in alcohol intoxication, but more feminine behavior is manifested in a sober mind. When a drunken subject learned that his "enemy" answers as a woman, he often used a current. In a sober state this was not. However, this may indicate that alcohol provokes aggression, and can also speak of suppressed masculinity. The conclusion is ambiguous.

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