Instagram strategy: Group of 9

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I love Steemit for being decentralized but as far as mainstream media is concerned, Instagram comes as a great way to reach a broader audience. After decluttering my feed, I decided to begin thinking of my photos in groups of 9 to take full advantage of one of the 2 display options: the thumbnails. My hope is to create an experience for people who visit my feed with a cohesive display of eclectic ideas.


You can see a more graphic and artistic column to the left, some golden hour sceneries in the center and some poses to the right, featuring my work as an amateur fashion model. The two bottom pieces on the first column are in black and white which motivated my choice to put the top pose in black and white as well.

The pictures from row 2 and 3 were all taken during a wonderful moment at the beach with mama, a beach full of memories from my childhood on. After a few professional photo shoots, it was fun to be able to doubt myself and be awkward after every pose.

It’s going to take a while to get used to the notion that exposing myself while admittedly vain, is necessary in developing more of a presence. Fashion, while incredibly abnoctious, offers a framework to make aesthetically pleasing compositions featuring human beings.

Here’s a link to my profile, I’ll see you there!

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These look great! Love the power of nine!


The power of nine is great indeed, if I remember correctly there is something about 9 dragons 🐉 in ancient Chinese lore.


I've always considered 9 my lucky number. I was born on the 9th and I'm a life-path 9 in numerology too :) So, do love the number!

cool strategy! i'm just lazy so i post whatever 😆
but this is something i might put into consideration!


It’s worth a thought but whatever you end up doing, I will appreciate.

eclectic but cohesive..... love that idea!