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I know, it is not #technofriday and it is not #danceweekend and yes #musicmonday is behind us (or in front of us); But I really needed to listen to and subsequently share with you some good music to relax my brain. Well brains? A few cells only :)


Press Play Below

...while we are listening; do you know the new-ish social network ONO? The Chinese one with the ambition to go international? From the creators that watched and analysed Steemit carefully - the issues at hand - and came up with an concept and whitepaper that should have addressed the issues that can be expected?

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Well, if you don't, thats fine. If you do know them, thats fine as well :)

A few days ago they removed the community governance structure, all Super Partners were 'laid off' so to speak. Good for some due to low-performance; Unfortunately also others who did run the last miles are effected as well.

Worse is the fact the company behind ONO (NOME Tech) is not in contact with the community, are not delivering on their whitepaper, are removing structures of great importance for a reward based community network, did not delover any tools to the community to fight abusive behaviour, the cornerstone of the concept.

Two days ago, they floated about 1% ONOT (the currency of ONO) total supply to KuCoin, a Singapore based crypto exchange. And you know what happened? Well, the value dropped to next to nothing, around 0,00000012 BTC yesterday, today slightly higher. With 100 billion ONOT maximum, the market cap is set to around 5M US$, which is pretty fair for the state ONO is in. ONO is not even on a blockchain!

I think some balloons and bubbles popped yesterday and today!

But why bother about this BS... Music is more... much more important! :)


Artist: Etapp Kyle
Set: Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set
Year: 2018
Country: Ukraine

source soundcloud

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I’d be thinking twice about posting anything on a Chinese-based social media platform. The Chinese government is notorious for surveillance.

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Well, NOME tech is officially not registered in China, but they launched the network in China first bringing their App in Chinese only, and after months they released an international version. The result is that most users are from China, and the international users are also getting to the platform, but seem to be (much) less active then the Chinese.

I’ve got no clue about Ono (the music nerd in me thought maybe this was going to be more Yoko Ono than crypto ono), but that Etapp Kyle set is one of my favorites of the year. I’ve easily listened to it a dozen times this year. That closing Shinra track is definitely going in my top five songs of the year.

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Hahaha, Yoko Yoko. Nope, it is/was not her :) You've listened the set more than I, but then again, I don't listen to music a lot though, dont want to use headphones and mostly am not at places I can listen through speakers. But surely, Etapp's set is super and from time to time I listen to it, like yesterday :) At the end of this year, I'll be in Berlin, Berghain time; Seems to be open for 4 days in a row. No Etapp on the line up though :(

Many people has been wondering what's ONO because it doesn't sound familiar to them. But you can see now, a lot of them jumping on board for some reasons. Others have realized it's worth, and others are just for the sake of profit. If you take some time and see the trading event of ONO, you will also be enticed because of the rewards that will be given away. A luxurious Maserati, plus huge amounts of ONOT and BTC. If you like to know more, then you can visit it here

As with so many new crypto based social networks, I think many of the international people step onboard to try to get in the game at the start. As shown with Steem and Steemit, the real early early adopters become whales and still support eachother with auto votes and therefore taking large part of the Steem. At ONO no auto voting so far, but still, early in may result in highest change to get the most of the rewards. But, ONO eco system is already flawed. Lot of scam and spam, and nothing is done about that, whilst it was one of the key aspects of the ONO concept. I guess the VC funding changed everything, goal is to have as many users as possible, no matter what. Launch of ONOT is similar imho with the car and BTC and ONO as rewards. HOME tech had good intentions, but not much of those good intentions are materialised. They even took away the community involvement, but still write about it in their ONOT launch post. Yes, the first Super Partners would be installed till October 2018, the next round was suppose to be by community voting, but no voting system in place. I know some of the Super Partners where pressing NOME tech to act upon their promises, the whitepaper...this may have been the reason to clear the community governance.

for quite long time etapp kyle is on the target of RAVING FOXES, but unfortunately, recently it is hard to find him in Netherlands

A trip to Berlin may be the way to catch him.

there is a voice somewhere in the back of my head, quietly but constantly whispering an advice to drop everything and move to Berlin for a long time. And to be honest, this voice is very convincing :)

Hahahaha, cool! But, be aware, one must have control over its own mind when living in Berlin and loving the music scene. I know people who came back from Berlin since they thought it was the only way to keep on living! It can be a dangerous place! :)

Using the other words : Germans are brutally liberated :)

Those in Berlin are, also many immigrants, like all the Dutchies trying out the Berlin and find themselves spending more time in Berghain than at work hahaha.

Great tunes my friend - not surprised on ONO - red flags been there straight from the start :-)

I think it is immaturity of Ke, want something, but too inexperienced to pull it off.

Red flags been:

1 - China
2 - EOS (in that case EOS not to blame though :-)
3 - Unrealistic model behind (fairness and only positive stuff...)
4 - No strategy
5 - Only mobile
6 - no USP
7 - Poor tech

Some of your listed red flags may indeed be red flags, but others are not imho, but simple opportunistic and idealistic (2,3) and product choice (5). If no Strategy (why announce it? no startup became big informing the market about strategy from day one) and no USP (I think the whitepaper had some USPs, but the execution is not according to whitepaper which is a big shame) is a red flag, I'm afraid this is the same for Steem from day one.

wrt Mobile only, please keep in mind way more people have mobile phones in the world, then laptops and desktops. Also, with a laptop/desktop UI, one can more easily create long copy/paste posts that will be regarded by the community as genuine. Everything has its upside and downsides; Fact of life :)

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