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 Every day, when we open our eyes, we get a new chance, new life, new seconds, minutes, hours. We have exactly the same amount of time in the world as each of the people living on Earth at the moment. 

Every day we face elections, decisions, we create our reality with even the slightest gesture or movement, consciously or not, but it's up to us to decide what we'll spend this time on, we want to outline what this unique day that we'll only get to experience once will look like.   

It is important that we do what we want and what we feel like. If you want to wear a bright dress in your favourite colour or if you have a brightly coloured tie that you love but others don't then do it! Maybe thanks to this you will attract the attention of your other half, or make someone smile, even exchange a polite look, believe me, it will be worth it!  We are all unique and original, let's listen to each other, let's realise ourselves what we love no matter what others say, it's Our life, Our time, we write our own unique story, in which we distribute roles, we are the director who sets the perspective, the destination, the direction of the journey, and we are responsible for its final effect. 

Let's frame what we pay attention to, if we become a better person, if we manage to achieve a goal, then the people all around us will feel the effects and motivate them to act, because they will see that things can really change and present them in a completely different way than they have been perceived so far.

 If we are in a sleeping mood, let's emanate this, let's be happy, maybe someone has a worse day and thanks to our positive energy will be affected, if on a cold day you see poor people buy them a cup of hot tea, it's a great help for them. If you achieve the success that is supposedly not for you: money, fame, happiness, health, then you will take your loved ones there, you will be able to realise your passions and develop them even more, help others and share. 

The smallest gestures matter, at least for me, it is thanks to them that I have the energy and faith to act.  Let's not be afraid to stand out from the crowd, do we really want to be so homogenous and get stuck in this system of work-to-work? Let's do great things, old passions will be revived, old memories will be revived, dusty dreams and goals will be revived all of which became shelved just after entering adulthood.   

Let's stop working within the framework and routines, repeating the same activities around us, we can't expect other effects.  Let's stand up tomorrow at least a bit better than before we went to bed yesterday.  

I wish you a phenomenal evening full of thoughts! 

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