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I wanted to summarize the lessons learned from the events from very difficult years or other things.

Drugs can cause unhappiness and even human relationships.

Logic must come before emotions,

Activate more instead of moving.

I don't understand that cheating isn't in our lives, but deception can maneuver.

The best idea is the man's own idea because it must be the responsibility of the positive or negative result of the outcome.

Although it is difficult to stand upright in life, the balance of income and expenditure should be well done. (Happy man was a lonely man)

Harmful, drugs, alcohol, gambling etc.

Cleaning parasites can cause damage, including insects and humans.

Balance electronic devices in terms of time. (unhealthy)

It should be put in a plan, a dish is more delicious, how harmful.

The most sweet foods are guaranteed with labor and food.

If you don't measure clothes or mud fruits, you'll move and look at the conversation.

Education is not a diploma but an educated man.

Civilian people know and apologize.

The end of selfishness is loneliness.

If you express the behavior or aspects of your spouse, they are unhappy if they don't know how to say no to curves according to slope curves, place and time.

People who can make others happy are happy with themselves.

Love is seen as the light of life, the way to go with that light, opened.

The end of perseverance and faith is a success. (without effort)

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