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RE: It started in a playground...

in #blog2 years ago

Awww, what a perfect Christmas present!! Though I've met a number of awesome individuals on steemit, there are a select few who I know will be lifelong friends no matter what and you are certainly one of them my brother from another!!

One day it will most definitely be you beside me! A better photo of me too, here's hoping, haha!

I love you! Merry Christmas to you and your beauty @randomli!!


I wanted to put this up on the day itself, but I had no internet connection so it was delayed haha! It's amazing when you realize that we have yet to meet (same with Boomy and the others) and yet we've created such a strong bond!

I know, I was just talking to my bro about this! Even he, who spent so little time here, thinks the world of you and boom- he says it's a testament to my character judgement haha! He's right! Love you guys sooo much!

Aww man, makes me miss Ed even more! That's a big plus when we get to eventually meet, it's going to be a 2-for-1 with Ed as well!

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