This Mexican Town of 30,000 Has Been Government-Free For 7 Years [VIDEO]

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I recently heard about a town in Mexico that kicked out all politicians, government and police seven years ago.

Right away, I thought, I NEED to visit this place!

My friend Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change was just preparing and packing for Burning Man, where I will join him next week (I’ll be speaking at the Decentral camp on Cryptocurrencies, Wednesday at 1pm). He moaned about how hard it would be to come down for two quick days in Mexico just to check this place out.

Still, I twisted his arm and we drove up from Anarchapulco, Mexico, nine hours to the beautiful Cheran, Michoacan.

If you are brainwashed enough to care about the propaganda put out by the aptly named US State Department, then you’d know both Acapulco and the entire state of Michoacan are flagged in crimson colors on the map as “high danger no-go zones”.

Fortunately, I don’t watch any television programming, so I skipped the brainwashing. In fact, I know that if the fasco-communist US government is warning people about a place… it’s probably awesome.

As it turns out, it was more than awesome!

We met with a town elder who explained to us how murder, extortion and kidnapping were rampant when the politicians and the police were allowed in. But, as soon as the locals kicked them out, crime virtually stopped!

Apparently the biggest crime that has happened in this anarchic town since then is a few kids who broke some windows.

As soon as we got past the checkpoint where they were checking for criminals (government officials) I felt a sense of happiness and safety!

It was everything you might imagine of a place without oppressive central planners! Cheran was one of the nicest, friendliest, most laid-back places I’d ever been.

I’ll have more exclusive details in my next update, including Luke’s full-length video of our trip.

In the meantime, you can enjoy some of the sights, sounds and commentary from our experience as we entered into this libertarian paradise:

I’ve invited Cheran’s town elders to the world’s largest anarchist conference (get tickets before they sell out soon HERE) coming up in February in Acapulco.

If you’d like to see what it looks like when thousands of anarchists gravitate to one place for a week, Anarchapulcois the time and place to experience it.

Pro-tip: When 30,000 people come together to overthrow their local government and their lives all improve as a result, perhaps that’s something more communities may want to try.



The citizens of this town are awake and have a lot of courage. They are an example to everyone else around the world who just complain and are to scared to do anything!

Now this is what thge ppl need the most.
Politicians nowdays are like cancer.

incredible story and I suppose the sheer number of 30,000 people coming together is the answer but how the hell do you do this without having the armed forces come down on you? I guess it's this mind set that keeps the rest of us pinned in though................

Thats all well and said however doing it large scale is another story, you will still have to deal with the drugs, violence etc. on top of this whats going t happen if they ever get attacked or worse yet a natural disaster. Governments play a roll they help communities grow its just that most have become corrupt. That needs to be weeded out so as soon as something "bad" happens no amount of money can fix it instead that person pays the price.

"but drugs!1!!"

cuz that's a problem, how?

"who would build the roads?/??"

tax payers are not good at dealing with companies

Governments play a roll they help communities grow

So extortion is now a nice thing to do?

or worse yet a natural disaster

just like it was portrayed in Accidental Anarchist, the gov did nothing to help ppl affected by sandy but self-organization helped a lot, cuz, you know, static governments are really good at solve unexpected issues.

That needs to be weeded out so as soon as something "bad" happens no amount of money can fix it instead that person pays the price.

Don't hate the players, hate the game.

ps: sorry for my english skillz

Awesome work guys! I love seeing this more than just about anything.

Upvoted, resteemed, Shared on FascistBook and Twitter :D


Much love @dollarvigilante

Hello Jeff our friends in Acapulco need our help.

What Che did not tell you in her post was Casey and her went to the US Embassy on an emergency basis three days ago looking for assistance.

Casey and Che paid the hospital bill which left them with no more money for food and Casey’s insulin.

The hospital would not release baby Cisco until they paid the $6000.

The US embassy is literally holding them hostage in Mexico now until Che and Casey can document they are US citizens with proof of residency with original documents for the past 5 years to get the baby’s documents to travel home.
Who has that when your traveling? Mind you copies? they can not be digital, everything has to be original documents due to the new immigration and naturalization laws.

A Passport is no longer proof you are a legitimate US citizen.
Can you please spare a upvote and resteem to them? ty

I can't wait to see what you guys discovered!

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probably we don't need goberment but well... we have to pay random people for what they want do instead of what the people want do...

Brilliant to see I can't wait the full video! It's so good to here of a working anarchist model, and that it is getting exposure. My realisation came when I visited Africa in 2000 and it was nothing like what the media had fed me!

I plan to travel to Mexico and Anarchapulco very soon once my funds are able 💯🐒

The role model city, let's check how we can learn from them in our home town :)

Wow what an experience. I want to visit a place like that. Maybe this will be our near future.

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Wow, that is unbelievable, the citizens are conscious and great. That is a great example for many uppresed citizens to follow.

Wow. I would not believe this could happen ...but I see.
Thanks for sharing. Loving this story.
They are in my prayers. Such a great example.

Sounds ideal, I see it only works in this reality with the protection squad. So a community does have to secure the ability to protect itself. And it's a form of policing. I would be interested in their methods of preventing corruption. Banning politicians is a good start, but all people are susceptical to corruption at some point. Keep us posted, very interesting!

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