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I do try to stay on topic here with this blog and my site, but this is on subject because it is all possible through the use of open source software.

You see, I only use open source software and as much open hardware as possible. Even my first drone was supposed to be a very open platform that everyone hoped would become open sourced, but sadly 3DR failed at that and I have since had to replace it with an Autel Evo.

Just so you know, my "other" gig is media production and marketing and I am really proud of what really differentiates my workflow from the others. Instead of buying literally thousands of dollars worth of software, this is all free - and exceptional.

From my operating system to the tools I use to edit and produce to the server I use for communications and file sharing, it's all open source. It is also really top shelf stuff.

Horses on the Hill.

Good fortune brought us a beautiful day to do some aerial photography for a new philanthropic adventure in Cincinnati's Price Hill neighborhood.

Located not far from downtown Cincinnati, this excellent location is perfect for an equine and urban farming based community project. You can read more about the project from the source.

Yesterday, though the goal was to get some pictures to use for marketing toward fundraising to build the equine facilities. These facilities are a barn and an indoor ring to ride in.

It is a real honor to be even a small part of a project that has the potential to have a real impact on a community. I wish I could figure out a way to introduce them to Steem.

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I want a drone! And killer photography! Sweetness.

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Thanks man. It's hard to beat turning a hobby into a profession. Actually, I wish I could figure out how to use all my fancy cameras and audio to go out and make some stuff for here, but I never seem to get any traction.


Oh... About that... Invited to @theplayersclub

And I'm making my own worth. And teaching others to do the same.

Hit me up on discord man

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Wow, your camera and photography is fanscinating:))


Thanks! I love doing it.

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