How to Change Your Bad Habit

in blog •  2 months ago

Do you have any bad habits?

Have you ever tried to change it but still cannot stop it?

It's not easy to stop a bad habit then change it into the good habit, but there's a way to do it that we may haven't tried yet ...


The bible has already had the answer

Last thing to do when you are trapped in your bad habit is, stay away or keep a distance from the people who also have the bad habit.

For example, if you are a smoker and all your friends are also smokers, then go and change your fellowship.

and it's also a good way to keep your good habit not to be the bad one.

For example if you are a diligent student, make a fellowship with the more diligent and competitive students so you could learn from each other and have healthy competition to reach the good marks together.

Give it a try and let's say goodbye to the bad habit!

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