UJIMA- 3rd day/principle of Kwanzaa🌟

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UJIMA- 3rd day/principle of Kwanzaa🌟


For me Ujima is like having Accountability partners , because although it's our personal responsibility to create and act on solutions to problems , often we take the tasks more seriously when we know that there is someone guiding and encouraging us to do better. In essence 'Being our brothers' keeper.

We should seek to have 3 solutions to every 1 problem that arises in our life.



To further better the communities/ people we encounter , we should seek to empower ourselves by adopting this principle. Many of us have a long way to go , but when we adopt principles that work for the good of all, we are sure to grow 👳🏾👌🏾☕️

This applies to us all to think about and consider as we prepare to enter the new year 🎁 Share below, what does Ujima mean to you ?

Stay Empowered! TheConnectionContinues

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