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Geth is the C L I or command line interface for running a full Ethereum node. It is implemented in the Go programming language.

Official reference implementations (CLI)

There are currently three reference implementations available, as you already highlighted:

  1. eth : C++ client of the webthree project. It was formerly known as cpp-ethereum
  2. geth : Golang client of the go-ethereum project
  3. pyethapp : Python client of the pyethereum project

All clients should work the same, from the user's perspective. They provide the same interfaces and so on. For example, if you launch a DApp or the Ethereum Wallet or a DApp browser instance, it should not note any difference in communicating with the client.

Official reference implementations (GUI)

Graphical clients available by the Ethereum core developers are:

  1. mist : It works on top of geth or eth and aims to be a DApp browser and currently implements the ethereum-wallet-dapp
  2. alethzero : It is internally called the hardcore client but it's being deprecated

Third party implementations (CLI)

Non-official clients implementing the yellow paper specification are:

  1. parity : Rust client by ethcore
  2. ethereumj : Java client by the ether.camp team
  3. ethereumjs-vm : Ethereum Virtual Machine in Javascript
  4. ethereumH : Haskell client from consensys, but it's not developed anymore
  5. ruby-ethereum : Ruby client
  6. node-blockchain-server : simple Javascript server

Installation and Setup

Geth is free to download and install. Geth supports most major operating systems. In this blog, we will focus on the Windows version of Geth.

Download Link: https://ethereum.github.io/go-ethereum/downloads/

To check whether client is properly installed or not just run below command on command line

> geth version

How does it work?

  1. Geth node connects with ethereum network using ÐΞVp2p built on top of TCP, it uses the default port 30303 which can be change if required.

  2. Node uses Level dB (a Google open soruce ) to writes the valideted data.

  3. Any Dapp can connect to Node using below mentioned ways

IPC-RPC Example:
geth --testnet --datadir ".\BlockChain\myRopsten" --identity "geth-dev" --syncmode "light" --verbosity 4

JSON-RPC Example: 
geth --rpc --rpcaddr "localhost" --rpcport "8545" --rpccorsdomain "*" --testnet --datadir ".\BlockChain\myRopsten" --identity "geth-dev" --syncmode "light" --verbosity 4

WS-RPC Example: 
geth --ws --wsaddr "localhost" --wsport "8546" --testnet --datadir ".\BlockChain\myRopsten" --identity "geth-dev" --syncmode "light" --verbosity 4

Geth Commands and Options

Geth can be overwhelming due to its long list of commands, Here you can find a list of commands and options applied on Geth client.

Geth [options] commands [command options] [arg]

Options are combined into Ethereum category provide multiple parameters to configure geth client

Complete list of commands and options

There are few which I will explain here.

OptionUsage Description
--datadirOoverride the default path and provide a custom directory path for geth client data
--keystoreExplicit path for keystore directory folder
--syncmodeThis option represent the Blockchain sync mode ("fast", "full", or "light")
--identityThis is used to give an identity to geth instance and is useful when we are running instance to multiple systems like DEV, QA and PRD
--testnetRepresent the test network Ropsten
--rinkebyRepresent the test network Rinkeby

**Example: Starting a Node exposing API's using IPC RPC interface within a custom data directory in light sync mode connect to Ropsten network **

geth --testnet --datadir ".\BlockChain\myRopsten" --identity "geth-dev" --syncmode "light" --verbosity 4


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