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Be honest, who still listens to radio....?¿?
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Has anyone realised that Radio has lost lost its frequency,
People nolonger listen to the radio apart from a few who maybe addicted maybe. We have shifted to smartphones, iPads and iPhones.
In my opinion:
It's useless to listen to.
It's the kind of place people will go to personally to listen to music and listen to news.
Right now, people underestimate it. A lottttttt

Generally, I can't STAND IT. No matter what station I go to there's near to always nothing good on. So I take my iPod and plug it up to the stereo, or bring some CDs along in the car. I wishh the station would play half decent music, even the classic stations and the alternative stations never seem to.
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Radio sucks balls. My dad was telling me what radio was like when he was a DJ in the 70s and 80s. He said he almost never repeated a record for several weeks unless it was a massive hit. That sounds so awesome.
But anyway, who am I to judge the world is changing and nothing can stop change. It just amazes and scares me how something once so extraordinary is now so simple and nolonger considered. It also makes me wonder what other things will die out with time to come......
Thanks for reading my short blog.😅
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