TOP 10: You must see in Ukraine

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  1. Availability. For example, lunch costing a foreign visitor not more than 5 dollars, and the food was very tasty.
  2. Stunning architecture.
  3. Open, friendly people.
  4. A mixture of antiquity and modernity.
  5. Beautiful girls.

• Mountain Goverla and Karpaty
Experts say that it is very difficult to choose one place in Ukraine, which rightly takes first place ranking - very much in our country, such corners that are worthy head it. The result were two winners: Mountain Goverla and the Khortytsya island.
Mount Hoverla. Most likely, this is one of the most interesting and inspiring places in Ukraine. Who does not know the geography of the country, we recall that Goverla is the highest mountain of Ukraine - its height is 2016 meters above sea level. Perhaps there is no person who would not like to look at the world with the height at which birds fly.

• The village Delovoye - the center of Europe
The geographical center of Europe is a place near the village Delovoye, Rahivskogo area that in the Zakapatskii region. In principle, this is the place from an aesthetic point of view does not represent anything super special,, however, it brings individuality. Despite the fact that these "centers" around the world a lot, but this "native", because is located in Ukraine.

• Lviv
Few people know that in the ranking of Europe's most beautiful cities, which was the newspaper «The Times» our Ukrainian city Lviv took third place, but it's actually true! Lviv is without exaggeration one of the most beautiful, cultural and tourist centers of Ukraine. This city has its own unique architecture and special atmosphere, there is an unusual museum, fine castles, easily recognizable house and the roof, and another - the unique streets.

• Chernovtsy

For some reason, this place has never participated, and especially did not take place in any rankings. The city is little known even in Ukraine, however, is not for nothing that it is called "Ukrainian Austria" because Chernovtsy is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. By the way, did you know that in the old streets of the city swept roses and bookstores there was several times more than the cafe?

• Odessa
Without exaggeration we can say with full confidence that the capital of humor, laughter and fun it is in Ukraine. Do not believe me? Visit Odessa, April 1, and you will understand it is immediately. This city is actually a real "pearl of the sea". It has everything that tourists are so fond of: sea and sandy beaches, museums and historic buildings, entertainment and shopping centers, and, of course, the famous Privoz. Few people know that the Odessa catacombs are the longest in the world. And by the way, the city streets during the Soviet era was the most popular place for filming movies.

• Askania-Nova
Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova - is one of the "100 great reserves and parks in the world", which is famous for the fact that here the visitors expect an open-air museum, and now "photo safari".
The reserve territory is spread over 11 hectares and is adjacent to the forest park with artificial ponds and channels. Here are collected more than 400 species of unique plants.

• Kamenetz-Podolsk
There remained virtually untouched by time, one of the largest castles of Ukraine. Of course, it is strange to the Soviet period, but it is - Ukraine has managed to preserve this beauty for future generations and today anyone can see the majestic and the unique beauty of the Middle Ages. Eleven towers and a large number of underground passages, as well as hundreds of centuries of history come to life, accompanied by the special atmosphere of romance and magic.

• Dendrological Park "Sofiyivka" in Uman

The world famous park - a symbol of eternal love, can there be anything more romantic than "Sofiyivka"? It seems that every corner of the park is filled with love and tenderness. Lovely exquisite statues and quiet caves near the amazing nature - all of this for many years, is a real gem of Ukraine.

• Shatsky Lakes
How could one not included in the rating of unique and extraordinary places where you can not only relax, but also to get a huge number of impressions? It Shatsky Lakes in Volyn, which has long been recognized as the most deep natural reservoirs of Ukraine.

• Baturin city
This is not just a very beautiful city, but also our history, culture and identity. In summer 2009, opened here "Ukrainian Versailles" - the residence of the last hetman of Ukraine - Kirill Razumovsky.

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привіт) радію, що завітали)

Молодец! Приятно видеть Украину на просторах steemit


Спасибо! Подтягивайтесь и вы) Думаю, смело можно вывести тег ua или ukraine в топ или около топа. Дабы наше комьюнити развивалось.

Well done! Great work! Very beautiful places.


Thank you! Very nice, I tried

I in dnipropetrovsk. The food is very cheap and There are very beautiful women


I think Dnipro ?)

i live in lviv and shortly will be post about lviv))


Lvov, is a beautiful city)))

Very beautiful city and nature. I was in some places. Very friendly people. I like it.


Thank you very much! Welcome to us!)))

Отлично! Апнул. Хороший пост. Привет из Одессы.

Ukraine, Ukraine ... Peace to all, no war.


I hope


Thank you friend!

Давайте поднимем Украину по выше, пусть знают наших)


fk this conditioner xDDD

Привет из России! Всевозможных продвижений вам!
Добра, любви и всех благ!

Слава Украине!Героям Слава!

Спасибо друзья, очень приятно! Как насчет чаще писать подобные статьи?

I had the chance to travel to Kiev and it was by far one of my favorite cities for all of the reasons listed above and then some. I've heard it's even better to get outside Kiev to really experience how amazing Ukraine is and I can't wait to make it back, hopefully soon.

Beautiful! Muy! I want to see pictures from the winter!

lovely and beautifully capture. wonder if it's easy to get around without knowing Russian?

I was in Lviv.An unforgettable experience.Peace and prosperity of Ukraine

Красивые фотографии. Заходите ко мне в гости @alex2016

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Дуже гарно та патріотично!