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RE: Metaphor? What For?

in #blog4 years ago

I agree with you on use of metaphors. I enjoy reading English books but sometimes there are so many metaphors that I get confused and frustrated and don't want to finish the book anymore. It starts getting boring and as you said: shout it at every opportunity and it will lose power. For me (not a native speaker) it's much better when there are just a few metaphors and the text is clear and easy to read and understand.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


I'm a non-native speaker myself. But here's the thing. Metaphors when executed properly, don't take away from the clarity of a piece. It adds to it.

This text was filled with metaphor and simile. But you understood all of it, didn't you?

I get your point :) Yes, I did understand all of it :)

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