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Internet Bill of Rights believe we need and internet bill of rights but we should be careful of who we are going to trust to create it. If we do this it must be well thought out process that mirrors our rights to in the Constitution. I'm leary of ATT because of how they worked to repeal netrality and we should be slow to to sign anything with a VAST discussion what that means for us. Even the selection of a champion for the cause needs an eyeball. It's the internet folks and we must protect out future's least all of the memory of our worlds be lost. Think about that, so much of our memories and lives are on it and we could lose it all with the wrong system. This is So Important.

Consumers Need an Internet Bill of Rights

Feds bust nationwide child exploitation ring

Dark Fiber is a spider web that is almost everywhere. Fiber lines that are unused and known to folks all around the world. Companies buy them for usage and secure lines but there is a vast network of resources outside the lines of normal communication. Think about all the stuff that doesn't get scanned, all the network lines that are used we don't even know about. This is something anyone could use for good or bad and thing about how bad some of the internet is. it's because of all the unused capacity.

Dark Fiber

4G LTE Attacks

New Q Posts and MEMES

MErlin Defango Vlog


Agreed...but net neutrality's only goal was to protected data, nothing in it protected people. Terms of service was and is up to the company and the individual, and the agreements are so confusing and complex most don't read them. With "surveillance capitalism" now the norm being combined with facial recognition and geolocation at the app level... big brother is here.

All of the tech is cool and even usefulI but in the hands of government it is dangerous to disagree. Google and Apple are helping China control dissent and with what we are learning about the US government its not much of a stretch to see where this is heading.

ATT net worth $127 Billion
Amazon net worth $300 Billion (but project to be worlds first Trillion $ company)
Alphabet net worth $500 Billion

I wonder how much of his own money Eric Schmidt used to seed In-Q-Tel with? So called "private companies" are way too close to "government" and all three of these are as close as it gets.

With government corruption being exposed at an almost unbelievable pace at the same time so called leaders are seemingly unwilling to punish the offenders, we are in a legal crisis. Do we have a two tier justice system? Maybe...

Enter Alphabet and Amazon being deeply involved in intel agencies worldwide and its hard to imagine anything could gone wrong.

Is it possible some companies are too big to fail / too big to jail? Maybe...

In the past ATT has been under the microscope, it could be that's why they don't take public positions and try to operate low key.

Alphabet and Amazon use to be low key but that changed and evolved to being outspoken during the Obama Admin... they're no-longer shy about advocating their political beliefs, or shy about placing large positions in financial markets, nor afraid to censor your comments and kick you off their service if you say something they don't like.

Buen video, saludos.

Thank you for the difination of Dark Fiber.I will be aware.

Back when I worked at Lucent Tech, before the Dot Com crash, I invested a lot of money in a company that installed a fiber optic underwater cable around North and South America. I was like a ring of fiber. The company went belly up. The reason was because one strand of fiber optic cable can be split indefinitely. Siemens made a switch that could do the job. Very soon after the crash, my job became one of the many casualties . To make things worse, I was heavily investing in all Tech stocks in 2001.

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