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Hi there!


I decided to stop practicing my profession, after what I considered one of the biggest failures in my life. During the hard times we live in, building a successful business is achieved by perseverance, adaptation and nerves of steel. I lacked on these last things two years ago.


I remember my colleague and friend @madefrance telling me that, I was just exhausted because of the situation of our country. She always encouraged me to try again, every time we talked about it. I always answered with a categorical "No" to her.


However, I received a visit from a relative few days ago. While we were talking, she told me that one her dental fillings had fallen out and she wanted me to treat it. This is consider an emergency. I told her that I had been away of the dentistry world for over two years. She didn't seem to mind. So, despite my insecurities, I appreciated her trust in me and I found a clinic where I could treat her.


The experience of going back to work was wonderful. I had a patient who trusted my skills and went home satisfied with the treatment. I, for one, felt like I was returning from a well-deserved vacation. I worked smoothly and the patient did not feel any discomfort despite the depth of the cavity. And after filling the cavity I also took a teeth impresion to this patient.


I definitely don't regret every single experience I've had in my life because they've been the fuel for my current convictions, priorities and outlook on life.


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Thank you so much for reading, see you next time.

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