What I learned from my Travel

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We love to see beautiful places and admire beautiful things around the world. When it comes to myself, I love to stay at home and work at office, I wish to be in a comfortable zone. Since I got many holidays in the season, I thought why can't I go around and watch some real world and beautiful creatures. So my journey started from Johannesburg to cape town. This is a ten days journey and I got to see many things which I never thought I could able to see at all.

[Cape Point where Indian Ocean & Arctic Ocean meet]

Why I mentioned comfort zone first is I heard a lot of talks saying leave your comfort zone in order to acquire your dreams. And I completely understood what that means in this journey. I am fortunate to have a nice job and nice apartment to stay, so I am unaware of main things which I am missing and important.


During my travel I had to travel in sun shine with almost peak temperature. I had never been traveled in such a hot sun. After few days of my travel there was a time I thought I should give up and go home. But due to the amazing things which were yet to be seen hindered me to take the decision. Surprisingly, the hot sun and the temperature from that changed me in a way that I managed to stay in hot summer day with out any struggle. Therefore, I understood our human body is such a beautiful thing that can adjust and help us to reach our destination. But the key is only time, give some time and the results are awesome.


The second thing I learned is value for food. Being a non local and not a big fan of junk food, I suffered a bit to get my favourite food. Even though from my travel I learned to have different types of food, I understood food is the most important thing and should not waste even a small portion of that.

I have never attempted any adventurous things. This trip has given me the opportunity to do those things. Some of which are speed boat and paragliding. Therefore, I learned adventurous trips are really necessary. I missed bungi jump and many, but I will make sure those will be attempted by me in my next trip.


In addition to the most beautiful and breathtaking views of the places, this trip has made me strong both mentally and physically.


"Without change some thing inside of us sleeps that seldom awakens"
(Excerpt from DUNE.)

As we say in French "Travelling shapes up the youth.", is a saying that underlines the growth one's soul goes through and learns from when one is travelling. This experience seems to have brought you into a state of openness really worth repeating.

Thanks you so very much for this beautiful post, really cool shots and shared wisdom worth the read. I was wondering what was the red spot under the sign, in the second photograph, any idea?

Namaste :)

Its such an amazing thrills

You know the taste of life..you are a wonderful person. The photos are incredible

You're right, when you travel you can learn a lot :)

I have never been to South Africa, but I would love to visit! In 2014 I traveled around the world, New Zealand was something special! Have you been there?

Very interesting article!

Wonderfully narrated. I truly believe in travel ever since I started it. It allowed me to get out of that comfort zone and test the waters on what your body or mind can take sometimes. You start to believe in yourself and start to appreciate small things that you learn while traveling to different places and seeing different situations or people lives. My life has gone through a kind of metamorphosis and helped me reshape itself for a better tomorrow. Your post just reminded me of my posts on the same.

I love this🙌 What a great article- it truely is an amazing place.

Adventurous trip are imperial to one's overall mental and physical health. You seem to have had incomparable fun

Shouting happy new year to all of you.......................

i think you are professional in this field. good job amazing caption

This is very interesting write up.

Traveling changed my immensely, every location where we spend our 3 month it has an impact into my life. Traveling is growth and I'm happy to see others aching for the same thing.

As a local of Cape Town, in fact the Southern Peninsula where the first three of your photos were taken, it was great to read that you enjoyed your time spent here. I live in walking distance of Muizenberg, the beach where the colorful huts are, and started Christmas day with an early morning swim there. I hope you visited Kalk Bay where I live. It is a lovely suburb with a working harbour, interesting shops and restaurants that offer a wide variety of dishes to choose from. There really is a lot to see and do in Cape Town and I hope that you will visit again!

Hey I liked your post! would be nice if you checked out mine too about traveling to northern Norway! :)

Very nice article. I love this part of the world, Cape Town is for me one the most fabulous city. I wish you lots of other similar trip

Hi dear dcrypto nice work you have to visit North Africa, especially Morocco when you wil see a wonderful city called Marrakech, so you welcome