My Trip to Stellenbosch, Cape Town

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Stellenbosch was initially called as Simon Van der Stel's Bush over the time it was changed to Stel's Bush and now Stellenbosch. The city has over 150 wine estates and the it became worlds largest producer of bottled wine in 1964. Stellenbosch also has country's oldest high school for girls, Rhenish Girls High School.



We have also visited Le Bonheur Crocodile farm which host 200+ crocodiles. People can hold baby crocos and can have photos with them. Le Bonheur also have snake park for its visitors.




Taal Monument also know Africaans Language Monument is located in 36 kms from city in Paarl. It was designed by Jan Van Wijk, the monumnet represents different alphabets in Afrikaans and culture.





A great trip. Magnificent

@dcrypto can you answer my question ???

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Lovely photos. I would love to visit this place

Hi @dcrypto,

There is a very famous quote;
Life is really beautiful but the need of hour is to make it more beautiful by visiting the Nature.

You had an awesome trip to Stellenbosch, Cape Town

I went through your post completely and i felt that you have an awesome expressing abilities. Isn't dangerous to visit such place with open Crocodiles ?
Well i ever saw crocodiles in the zoo or in the movies only that is why i said so :P

One building was very catchy to my eyes and i want more elaboration on it (if you don't mind).

This is something really really beautiful and wonderful thing i came across today

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

What a beautiful place, especially for the wines, which I love, not to mention the crocodiles are not my favorite reptiles but it would be good to carry a baby in my hans.

Lucky youuu!!! Cape town is just amazing! @dcrypto

I recommend visiting Franschhoek near Cape Town. The architecture looks like old school Holland and the wine is delicious! Gorgeous valley that looks like the opening scene from Jurassic Park (queue movie music)!

Wine is getting bigger and bigger on my country; Port wine is very famous!
Did you hold any baby croco? (if you did do you have a picture?)

Wow ! Is this a monument of Bitcoins exponential growth ?

Such a cool post, South Africa looks really cool. Do people ever slide down the sculpture?? Follow me back @nytravelfoodsurf!

Thanks for sharing. Really cool pictures, thanks for letting us see your journey.

Wow exciting journey that is so exciting and challenging, the scenery there is also nice and refreshing to the eye, thank you for share your experience @dcrypto. Don't forget visit my blog.

Great post there, keep up good work !

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Great post! Love Stellenbosch