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I have been a fan of steemhunt and reviewhunt since when they launched steemhunt some years back, i must appreciate the team for the wonderful work they all have been doing since then. For those that have been following Steemhunt for sometime now, we all know that the team introduced reviewhunt beta early 2019 and truth be told success was recorded as they had lots of hunters and markers signing up for the beta and also running some of the campaigns. The beta journey was a smooth one for us all as we all did our own part, i enjoyed every part of the beta journey without any regrets.



In a lay man language the primary purpose of reviewhunt is to bring together hunters and markers ; The hunters are those that carry out tasks or quests created by the markers. They simply promote things for the markers, and that is not all... As an hunter you don't just work without rewards, the project has a coin called hunt tokens you earn hunt tokens for performing various quests, each quest have different rewards it depends on what you are asked to do. This tokens can be traded on exchanges for other alt coins. Daybit is one of the exchanges where you can exchange hunt tokens for other coins like eth, btc, eos or even steem. The team have been trying to regulate the price of this hunt tokens since it started trading and i must say they are doing a very good job.

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Today reviewhunt launched the new reviewhunt and left the beta stage which was a success, and the new reviewhunt have a lot to offer,the team took their time to prepare the new reviewhunt in such a way that anybody can go through the website without having any issues . There are lots of changes on this new reviewhunt compared to the old beta stage, some of the changes are:

  • Friendly user interface : The user interface is simple and easy for anyone to use, you don't need the guide of anyone to make use of this website.

  • Payment after 4 hours of confirmation: Compared to the reviewhunt beta where payment are made after months, this new reviewhunt has adjusted their payment to 4hours after each quest have been confirmed.

  • Same registration for markers and hunters: Also compared to the beta where markers and hunters register differently, this is not so in the case of the new reviewhunt... Both markers and hunters make use of the same interface.

  • Quest only: Campaigns are no longer used, just quests.

  • Zero fees to create quests if you make use of hunt tokens and many more...

All you need to do to enjoy this new reviewhunt is create a Blockstack account firstly here and then proceed to register on reviewhunt here.

Having done all these there are lots of quests you can perform.


Hunters should read instructions carefully before performing ant quests, so as to get their rewards in full.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and register and earn some tokens for yourself.


I'm glad to see others join the ReviewHunt community, welcome @dayjee

It looks like the real deal, they tried with the interface.

Sure they did

Reviewhunt is one of the best quest dapps on the blockchain

Really inlove with the new interface and also the
payment 4hrs after confirmation instead of waiting for a month