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If it is true, I confess atheist; In spite of my many attempts to understand what they have been saying to us since childhood, today I must be honest and say what I feel.

For many years I have had an intense spiritual search, trying to answer questions such as: Why are there so many injustices, evil, diseases, wars, poverty, among many other things? Why are they so common? Expressions like: God wanted it that way, God willing, thank God.

Perhaps the thousands of human beings who die in wars, the countless diseases that arise daily or all those children who die of hunger and decline are all thanks to God or because God wanted it that way.

I consider hypocrite the mere fact of considering a God merciful, but vengeful, loving, but that sends you to the pailas of hell.

Man has created a God who has neither feet nor head, so it is that there is not one God there are hundreds, according to the territory, the beliefs, but above all the human conveniences.

That God or gods, became long ago a business, where only a few win, while others are blinded by faith and put their hopes on men of flesh and blood just like them.

I understood that religions were created by man to control populations and get the best benefit from them.

They have killed in the name of God, and they continue to do so, they have made great fortunes in the name of God, selling absolutions and entrances to heaven.

I can not believe in a God who was created in the likeness of a vile and mean man.
That's why I say ATEA, because I do not believe in that God, formulated to control and judge.

In what I believe goes much further, and has been the only clear answer that has been able to answer the questions I asked at the beginning of this confession.

This letter is nothing more than the beginning of a story, where it is not intended to impose truths, nor criticize thoughts, it is only the initiative of someone who, like many of you, has thousands of questions to answer.

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