Different colours but one people

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This has a deep meaning when look at the phrases "different colour, one people's) that is defined by LOVE! nothing can be achieved without true love and genuinely of the care in our hearts.

What is your hearts towards your fellow humans is it of evil or good you need to think about it, i have always count myself to be lucky, i have met with lot of great and supportive people here which make my stay long since i joined this great platform.

People whom have never met in real life but their care and love and support is mostly beyond those who are around you; if they could treat me well without knowing my background(not knowing my parents, or relatives) but they see me as part of their vitual family, such is a great opportunities.

Since i have received good treatment, what do i offered back? Those are the question that should be popping in everyone minds, of course the little i had and the privilege to have them mustn't be taken for granted. I looked around me those i could see physically, assistance has been rending to them, those that i could see beyond physical, maybe virtual or beyond, i provides support as much as i can.

Always be good with people, you never know what coming to you soonest, treat people well as if they are part of your family, never make anyone crime for no cause, tomorrow is bigger than anyone.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

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