4 types of Headaches and how to treat them.

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There are 4 types of Headaches, The Sinus, The Tension, The Migraine and The Cluster. In this blog we will discuss about them and how to treat them in a best way.


Sinus Headache

This is a type of headache wherein your forehead, nose bridge or cheeks are suffering in pain. Usually with running nose and fever symptoms mainly due to sinus inflammation.


Tension Headache

This type of headache occur if you are stressed out. There times you could experience a mild to moderate headache. It may start without any notice and also stops in a very same way.


Cluster Headache

This one is a severe type of headache, but very uncommon. It may start and remain for several days or months in a row, and gone in the same way leaving a chance of recurrence.


Migraine Headache

This one is the worst headache I've ever had. This may occur once or multiple times in a given month. Some of its sypmtoms are vomiting, nausea, burring vision etc.

In order to treat this headaches here are some of the natural remedies you may use to treat them.


Water intake

Increasing the water you drink on a daily basis may treat this headaches, also keeping your body hydrated.



Despite the bad taste, Drinking a lukewarm gingered water 2 or 3 times a day may help reduce headache.


Eucalyptus essential oil

Application of eucalyptus essential oil in our forehead or sides can also treat headaches and this is also as good as the other natural remedies.



Same as the gingered lukewarm water treatmenf, Lukewarmed Lemon water can alzo treat headache and gives good results as well.

I hope this blog helps our fellow steemians in treating headache using natural remedies.

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