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Maybe one day I'll do an actual update.. or sumptin'

Had a busy week.. I do QA with our Sri Lanka office so I'm online late with them.. and then in the office during that 'day' part of my day
the first few days I hit 12 hours and by Friday, I just check into work from home and try to do some follow-up and knowledge transfer stuff..

And before the late night shift, I used to code or watch vids of coding at night, so I still try to do an exercise or two if I can..

And this week, we had another roll-out/release and we do smoke testing on it..

See this post about working too much

Most weeks I tech a few comedy shows.. and I do two shows.. Belleville-ville (some of my recent share2steem instagram pics)

and the assface show... and when I do those, I pull into a shell and introvert afterwards for a while..

(as an aside, @rachelsvparry did a good synopsis of our last Belleville-ville show from Tuesday night)

here's to hoping I get to telling you something more interesting than these daily round-ups.. although I've always found a good blog cataloguing the mundane is sometimes it's own charming thing..

anyhoooo.. been using eSteem and now Partiko as well.. Still trying to convince some of the comedy people to come on over.. but I suspect it's quite a learning curve..

been listening to some new podcasts, weekend stuff.. not going out as much due to the cold.. although.. rain tomorrow!! man.. weather.. soooo exciting...


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Why don't you enter @comedyopenmic and tell us about your struggles that make you pull into your shell. Sure it gives a fresh perspective :)

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What is this magical thing called open comedy mic as it exists in the world of steem?????




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