My hope for 2019

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Let me tell you a story about how I have been driving up and down my Province for about 11 years. It all started back when I was working at a finishing supply store, delivering plywood, doors and sometimes windows. Getting used to driving places that I didn't recognize was a challenge, but worthwhile.

Although I didn't enjoy getting lost, it was a worthy challenge 2 try and grow my skills and become a better employee. After working at the plywood store for a while, I had an opportunity to drive limousine. It started out part-time but quickly grew into a full-time job.

No it wasn't necessarily easy, every day posed new challenges but it ended up with me here right now sitting in traffic, contemplating my life while in a traffic jam. The long line of cars that never seems to end, and I'm one of them. Just one person among Millions trying to get around and get things done.

After a few years you get the hang of certain things, you get more confident as well. The only way to improve is to practice, and I practice driving safely each day. That is why I am using these wonderful Samsung features likes voice to text, so I can stay hands-free while navigating the fast-paced roadways.

One thing I don't like is that I spend so many hours on the road, alone with my thoughts. I can't even count how many ideas I have had butt have also forgotten, as I am exhausted when I get back.

Today, just like yesterday, I drove hours to one of the major Capital Cities and delivered my clients successfully. But this evening when I return I will be changing vehicles and picking up some other clients, for a different type of job. I like that there is a variety and that it's not always the same thing everyday.

When I worked at McDonald's I didn't like cleaning the grease traps. When I worked at the movie theater I didn't like cleaning the popcorn machine. But you do it, and that's why it's work. Because things need to be done and someone needs to do them. In that way there are things about this job that maybe aren't the best, but overall this is the best job I have ever had. I can hardly imagine what else I could do that I would enjoy even more.

To me however, that is theater. Music and Performing Arts are my passion and currently I am performing in a live show on the weekends, something which does interfere with busy work days, but it is well worth it because doing what I am truly passionate about feeds my soul.

And time moves on, so it's just a temporary step away from my normal job of driving hundreds of kilometers. I am happy to do it, but I have other things that I am passionate about. My involvement with arts council's and other organizations in my community are very important to me, and my plans for my own business and future organizations I intend to start, take up time.

Time is truly the only currency we have, we trade time for money, and it is important to to Leverage these assets because you can only do so much in your life. When we are young we think we have an infinite amount of time, and that anything is possible if we wish it enough.

The truth I feel is more like we have a finite amount of time and we can achieve anything if we work at it. So we go to work, we do our job, and the results of our work is what we have. Paychecks, benefits, something to do.

For someone like me with an overactive imagination oh, who likes to start lots of projects and try as many things as possible, I have to watch my time closely. I must think critically about the time that I spend on anyting, because especially at work, time is money. I'm always counting the minutes and estimating the arrival times.

And I think about ways that I can use my time more efficiently. I listen to podcasts while I am on the road, I tried to focus very intensely on whatever it is I am working on in the moment. Truly all we have is the moment, and the only Power we really have is what we do with our two hands, with our minds , and our intentions.

I continue to strive each year to do a little better, to move my goals closer two achievement. To Ally myself with people who have similar views and desires. To do everything more efficiently.

I think about the last 10,000 miles I have driven, and expect towards the next ten thousand. I think life is a lot of that, looking back with New Perspective, looking forward with clear expectation. Remaining open to the novelty of what may come, and that expectations are often unfulfilled. That you must be willing to compromise with results to at least face them and live in reality.

Last night I drew two circles with part of them overlapping and I was thinking about how part of my life is based in reality, and part of my life is also based in digital content. I looked at this spectrum and I deliberated on the significance of it.

Life has never been this way before, and I don't know if anybody really has any good answer. Often you'll hear the one extreme or the other but we all find a balance or equilibrium. I think we have all thought about escaping to the woods and living off the land, but in reality that's a lot more work then you think. And if you go too far off the deep end the other direction, and spend all your time immersed in a video game, you are missing out on some very important things.

One nice thing about being on the road is that I get to look at the countryside, I get to see the world rushing around, existing. This is reality, but what are we doing. Do we take the time to question are routines and habits? Are we being introspective enough to avert disaster? Hopefully we can do a little better this year, and next year as well. That is my hope.

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I like the image quote. Most people think life is about work, and impressing others. Everyone is just trying to impress everyone else.

Meanwhile some of the biggest questions in life go ignored, mocked or ridiculed. I'm new here, and my content will be addressing these topics Nice to meet you all.

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