Utopian Isn't Raising Funds Through Fundition - That Doesn't Mean Individual Projects Can't!

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I've seen a couple of people ask why Utopian Colony isn't raising funds through Fundition, which is a crowdfunding platform on the Steem blockchain. The reason for that is, the IndieGogo campaign has a fixed goal of $35,000, which means that they will not receive any funding if they do not reach their target.

Because of that, it makes sense for them to not spread their funding efforts across multiple platforms. It's something I agree with completely, but it means that some people who want to fund Utopian might not have the chance to do so, because IndieGogo only accepts one payment method, credit cards.

Fundition Campaigns by Open-Source Projects

Looking at some of the perks you can receive for donating, it would actually make sense for existing Open-Source projects to pledge a minimum of $70.00 in order to receive these perks for their project. Higher value pledges give even better perks, some of which could be really beneficial to your Open-Source project. So why not start a crowdfunding campaign for your project through Fundition?

A $70.00 donation will get you:

  • Instant Username Reservation
  • Early access to Utopian Colony
  • Exclusive updates
  • Project early registration
  • Exclusive Dreamers Badge
  • Spotlight Bundle 7 days

A $120.00 donation will get you:

  • Exclusive updates
  • Project early registration
  • Rare Visionaries Badge
  • Project spotlight 30 days

A $300.00 donation will get you:

  • Project spotlight 30 days
  • Priority Support (6 months)
  • Visionary Bundle


There's no reason why projects that are already making use of Utopian v1, can't start up their own crowdfunding campaigns on Fundition to benefit from these amazing perks.

It actually gives people the chance to indirectly donate to the IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign and offers this option to people who might not have a credit card.

How to transfer funds from Fundition to IndieGogo

You probably don't want to raise funds on Fundition and then front the money via credit card to pay for the IndieGogo perks, right? It's entirely possible to transfer funds raised through Fundition to IndieGogo, it's not even that hard to do.


My method of doing this, would be to first exchange the Steem raised to Bitcoin. Then, you can deposit your Bitcoins into a Neteller account (2.5% fees) & create a virtual Mastercard on Neteller which you can use to pay for the IndieGogo campaign.

Fundition does not retain any funds that you receive through your crowdfunding campaign, so you're always able to exchange funds after someone has donated. Now, because of Neteller's fees, it's better to batch these into one-time payments.

Neteller has a verification process in place for creating virtual Masterercards, but this is pretty much instant. You don't have to wait more than an hour (if I remember correctly) for your account to get verified.


I know I've been writing a lot about the Utopian Colony IndieGogo campaign and I apologize for not posting any other content. It's just that I've been passionate about open-source software since I was about 12 years old and I want to do everything in my power to make sure their crowdfunding campaign gets funded.

At the current rate at which people are donating, the Utopian Colony IndieGogo campaign will not reach its target of $35,000. Only $1,375 has been raised over a period of 5 days, with only 27 days to go. I'd really hate to see them not reach their target, so I'm doing everything I can to push people toward donating, even if it's just a small amount.

I hope you can forgive me for writing about the same topic so much.

Donate to the Utopian Colony IndieGogo campaign if you can!

Images used were either found on the Utopian Colony IndieGogo campaign or on my Neteller account page

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It is very nice of you to explain in such detail and encourage individuals to crowdfund on Fundition platform. What we have seen so far is that when projects fail on other platforms and come to us, they bring their investors with them so people who have maybe not heard of steem blockchain before, hear about it through Fundition. A big plus in the story if you ask me and it is nice to see that donators to a specific project are willing to donate again on a different platform, it means they really trust the projects and their founders.

I wish all the best for Utopian and its campaign on another platform. Their campaign sounds great and has a lot of potential which is not surprising giving the amount of quality Utopian stands for. I am sure that one way or another, Utopian will continue to rise as one of the best things that that blockchain technology has generated.

I love the spirit.

Awesome post. I can understand how only being able to donate via credit card might be a barrier for some people. You have done a great job of explaining a process they can follow to get around that barrier though. I really hope they meet their goal, it would be awesome to see the next level of Utopian.

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Love you approach towards utopian colony. Utopian did so many good work through open source contribution and deserve to set up its own colony at Indiegogo....all the efforts are going to be wasted....Steem on

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Utopian is now live on Indiegogo

Thanks for supporting the development of Utopian Colony on Indiegogo!

I hope they're able to reach their goals!