Education for all

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What is the importance and why education is important In Africa?
To beginning; we are going to know what is education?
is valor’s; knowledge; some manners which someone give or teach to one or group of people . For example; fathers teach her children ;the teacher teach the student .
Why education for all?
In many africans countries, for example in my village TOVIKLIN in benin; for her; young girls don’t has the right to go to school becauses; they should stay at home; do domestic works, cook, take care of children or her brother (serve her brother); and do the farmwork.
someone loves girl between 13-18 years old and come to see her parents; and give a bit money and necessary need for cultural sacrifice, the parents get her girls to marry. That practice, is often against the win of the youth girl even if she don’t love the man. Often, the man who going to marry this girl may have 45 ages; or are already polygamy and that not concern the parents of the young girl.
What explain this behavior of the parents?
Firstly, they told in our languages some adage which mean ‘’ send girl at the school it’s throw money by windows ‘’ because for her when you send girl at school ; she often come with pregnancy and then , the parent loss her ; she become unuseful ; without importance . this phenomenon of pregnancy happen often because young girl usually follow the man . girls and young mean ; both haven’t the the notion about sexuality ; and at the end we registered sexual accident .
Secondary ; most of Africans told that the women are made to help and stay at home , do the homework and take care for children . the mans are made to work , thus mans can studie participate to debate but a women no .
this situation depend again of the payment of scholarity because some parents finally know importance of education and they have the win to send her young girl at the school but have not the opportunity to do it (financial situation ).
Finally ours parents remark that when women studie and have a graduation , they don’t give respect to her husband and normally she must humiliated for her husband.
Why this education is important ?

It’s important , to change some behavior of people ; respect each other in spite of the sex ; favorite the developments in many domain because the country which are developed was based education , and the work .
What can we do to promote and motivate parent send her girl at school?
Help parent to pay the scholarity of her children or diminish the scholar price
Help with school furniture by the government
Organize frequent communication about sexuality , then to avoid involuntary pregnancy .
Help the young find and job at the end of study to encourage education .
Thank for all who read . If you like, let commentary about the text ; and what should be do as far as this topic concern .


Thanks for sharing. Affordable education for everyone and everywhere! Unfortunately I have no voting power left. All the best!