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With time, we become wiser and more mature, at least that's we think happens. Yet there's always one person we know who seems to have it all figured out. They appear to achieve all their goals, while we still feel like teenagers consumed by fears, insecurities, and contradictions. But the truth is that we're all the same: we all have irrational fears that keep us from accomplishing our dreams.

In this overpopulated world, we must stand out from the rest. Each scar or wrinkle tells a story. In the same way, tattoos can be a reflection of our deepest emotions and those moments that defined us. Perhaps the institution of religion, holds no place in your life. However, spirituality resides in most of us. Spirituality is freedom that resides inside us.

I got my first Tattoo whe I was 18. It's the Symbol Om.


The sound that was made when all of creation came into existence.
The essence of the universe and all creation known as Brahman.
It's written in Sanskrit, and each part of the symbol has a very significant purpose.
It represents the manifest and unmanifest.

• : The dot signifies the fourth state of consciousness. In this state of consciousness looks neither outwards nor inwards, nor the two together. No duality exists. This peaceful and blissful state is the ultimate aim of all spiritual activity.

The semi-circle simbolizes Maya and seperates the dot form the other three curves. It's the Illusion of Maya that prevents us from the realization of the highest state of bliss. The semi-circle is open to the top which means that the maya doesn't affect the higher state of being. It only affects the manifested phenomenom, preventing the seeker from reaching his ultimate goal, the realization of the One

The middle curve which lies between deep sleep and and the waking state signifies the dream state. In this state the consciousness of one is turned inwards and the dreaming self beholds an enthralling view of the world behing the lids of the eye. (Meditation, Astral Projection,..)

Ʒ :
The upper curve is the state of deep sleep (unconscious state). This is where the dreamer desires nothing nor beholds any dream. The larger lower curve symbolizes the waking state. The circle is turned outwards through the gates of the senses. The larger size signifies that this is the most common state of the human consciousness.

I will get another Tattoo very soon: Unamole

This symbol is a representation of reaching enlightenment.

In the Buddhist tradition, Unalome represents the path each person takes throughout their life. That road can be straight, winding or circular. May be filled with anxiety, fear, terror, happiness, or love. This path begins at the center of the spiral, which represents the way we're trapped in our own fear, weakness and uncertainty. As the path unfolds, the mind finds clarity, eventually freeing itself from the cycles of suffering. Leaving the Pain behind.

Learn to see yourself from a more objective standpoint, and you will realize you're attached to a web of emotions that cloud your mind. However, since we are merely human beings who tend to commit the same mistakes over and over again, it is not easy to abandon that cycle. That's what the spiral represents, that inability of letting ourselves go completely.

a symbol that holds each individual's transcendence in this planet. It represents our existence in this earthly plane and awareness of our role in life. It's about analyzing our actions and learning from them, in order to reach the true meaning of benevolence.

The pursuit of enlightenment is what straightens the line of the spiral. This symbol = Visual metaphor of that journey: the ultimate goal and culmination of our search for awareness.

The dot represents the uncertainty of life. We ignore the final truth. And even if we can't perceive it, it does exist. This is the ultimate reward life can give us. Infinite Expansion. The reason for our existence.

This tattoo is not a cheap attempt to portray my spirituality, but a reminder of our human condition and how we, metaphorically, keep moving forward to become better humans. Ancient cultures represented their visions of life through symbols and icons. They are very powerful and say more than thousand words.


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