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RE: It's ok to not get offended by everything.

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Well said.
Yes people get so offended about anything its so retarded.

I grew up listening to Eminem and watching Bam Margera. So I do and say what I want, when I want. This can be good or bad, but at least I aint offended haha.

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Used to love bam. His show was way better than jackass by itself. My teen years I was very into hip hop. All the 90's were savage but I can't see any of it making the radio now. Eminem, dmx, Tupac. .....
I don't think we can be offended by anything after growing up through that.

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Excatly :D
I have seen every show Bam have made and his movies I love it :D

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Those were the good days. Tv just isn't the same anymore now that you can't show live child endangerment.

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Yes hehe.
Tv is shit. I haven't had tv while I have lived on my own, so 7 years. Its useless now.

Children shows are so bad. They dont learn anything from it.

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