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It's been a long time since I posted anything on Steemit. I do, however, read posts a few times a week. Two Steemians that I am particularly fond of are @galenkp and @tarazkp. They are brothers that have a constant stream of written content on their pages. I am constantly impressed with both the quantity and quality of what they post. Hence, I thought I would try their "style". When I started on Steemit I thought I could share content about my work, but I've realized that when I get home the last thing I want to do is keep working. I would much rather write about what I actually do when I get home which is a mix of crypto, cooking, personal finance, gardening, diet, stock picking, and poker. In other words, living, at least for me. I understand that this is exactly what blogging is, so I guess I'll be giving that a go. I think that if I focus on what I normally like doing when I get home I will have a lot more success. That's all for this post, I won't promise that I'll keep up with this, but it already feels easier. Next I need I nice stack of stock photos to use for my posts...



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Use the space to enjoy yourself and learn more about the things that you wish to learn more in. Some of those things might lead you into new areas and opportunities that are yet unseen. Good luck.

Lots of people seem to use Unsplash for images. I use my own just in case.


Thanks! I didn't actually expect you to see this, haha