Running while pregnant?

in blog •  18 days ago

Can you run while you're pregnant? Sure, you probably CAN, but should you? I always have had that debate, both with myself and my OBGYNs. They generally hold that one should not run while one is pregnant. Ultimately, I've concurred with them and have chosen to walk instead. It's ultimately been a really nice way to enjoy my pregnancies--stopping to smell the roses, so to speak.


A recent article on from Runner's World Magazine, which I enjoyed a lot in my pre-pregnancy days, says to pamper yourself and for pregnant women to be as strong as necessary, not as strong as possible. The article suggests indulging in healthy habits that will last beyond the pregnancy--take care of yourself, eat right, get enough sleep, etc. The contributers to the article contend if a woman is going to run during pregnancy to worry more about just getting out there than about breaking her speed record.

The article does not say it is necessary to quit running, however. Working out (on any level) can keep a pregnant woman feeling confident and in shape as well as relieve stress. For me, that means not running, for now. I managed to get back to running up to fourteen miles--yes, at one time--after taking a break from running during my pregnancy. That was what worked for me. I fully intend to get back in the running game after baby #2 as well.

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