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Always take in consideration non of this information is financial advice or official announcement from any specific project, I’m no financial advisor, trader or expert, this is just my personal opinion on certain project mention on this article, cryptocurrencies are extreme high risk assets and you must do you own research, never follow what I or other people say on internet


I think a recap is needed if you have been following my past week post and I have been trying to prove my strategy, the other day saw a great trader mention "pull back to $40k would be good to see bull tard trades who think they are world class traders, put them on their feet" and that's totally true because I have always said on a bull market if you are not trading just buy and hold and you will make money, is us who are trying to out perform the market that take the risk and the difference is that when the bear market hits then traders will know what to do my only concern is that during this market Institutions are so deep into crypto that "they cant let it fail", is crypto the new S&P500 having only 20% - 30% pull backs since 2009?? .If you think about it this institutions have so much assets and money in reserve that sometimes they don't know what to do with it so why not buy all mayor caps or projects and have this tiny market compare to other markets run for a few years until they decide to dump either partially or all at once because after this bull market who is going to be left hanging the bag? I wont, I bought $HIVE at $0.12 and I'm not planning to buy at all time high, either LBRY cuz they just got sue by SEC, ETHEREUM I'm a happy miner, HEX have been staking for over a year and ends on April 30 so if ETH pumps HEX pumps and BTC been holding since 2019 so not in a rush to sell even if it drops 80% because at that point it wouldn't be worth.

Lets start with the elephant on the room, HIVE 1D Chart because trading a coin that is most of the time lock down is not worth because volume is not their, don't get me wrong but its a fact most HIVE users Power Up, in my case I'm not selling at least until 2025 so I just keep grinding

HIVE 1D Chart

This chart remain the same because if there is not much volume on exchanges why would a coin dump so hard after a mayor upside and the only answer to this is WHALES, I have nothing against them because they exist on HIVE and on any other coin and there is nothing wrong with trading but I think there still a bunch of whales that never touch their coins after the FORK, I'm really waiting for the price to move slowly but surely and then I would say ok things have change, its just not same pump from a small group and dump from a bigger group, now I have a chance to buy and make it grow, I did that at $0.12 when a lot of ppl lose hope, rent some, bought some, kept grinding and made my account grow and I would like to keep it growing and supporting HIVE for the next five years, always said give it time, stay calm, "everything comes to the one who knows how to wait"

HEX 1D Chart

Not going to lie this thing looks prime as F, based on past performance we could either see $0.028 thats if you can catch the top or anything above it, $0.05 wouldnt be that crazy based on past performance, now this is not a sure thing but the way this coin moves is so crazy that its like normal, as I have mention before I put down $233 back then on ETH and after my one year stake ends I may put back the same amount for 5555, I think thats the longest stake you can make and let it be

Bitcoin 1D Chart

If we look at Bitcoin price action it has been awesome, not only the market has respond at the $50k level but it got out of that supply line that I thought could be a bearish descending triangle, at the moment of the post there is a lot of probabilities for BTC to brake the $60k level once again and enter a discovery price mode where nobody knows where its going to end up, I do have a long term positions that I'm not selling right now but my daily trade bankroll sold it at $58k resistance level so basically I'm waiting for Bitcoin to brake out and support, meaning I would gladly buy Bitcoin Futures on the next drop but not right now, right now its a party this is not the area that you want to buy at because if it fails essentially you will be the one holding the bag and You/I don't want that.


This has been very painful, feels like its taking for ever to take ETHEREUM to $3k, its not that ETH is not worth $3k its just that it takes money to move ETH around, you buying and NFT or staking or swaping a coin on a DEX for some ppl its thousands in fees and this needs to be fix so everyone who is probably holding a decent amount (poor man talking) of ETH lets say 5 and above takes a good amount of GAS FEES to move it around so some times its not worth to trade or even move ETH from one place to another unless you are banking on it, ETH very bullish after the VISA announcement where they will start to process on USDC soon, that's a big step for Ethereum adoption and how's that the coin to build on top of is ETHEREUM no other cheap fee coin, don't let yourself be influence by a low fee currency because TRX is low fee AF and its worth sht as a project.

LBRY 1D Chart

I don't know the insights of this chart but I got to say something is not to too clear for me, last night I got an email saying LBRY is getting SUE by SEC but either SEC on their website say why specifically just that LBRY token is consider a security

Most of the time its because they sold to someone in the US as a private sale, I don't recall them making any announcements that they have but I do remember last year they announce they sold a large chunk of LBC to a "Market Maker" that IMO was not necessary, this is crypto let retail investors and creators decide the price of the asset so it wouldn't be crazy if this "Market Maker" was USA based and got his ass on fire.

Something here doesn't make sense, they said that nothing has been done wrong but there are a few question that come to my mind

Your project isn't decentralize enough so SEC can sue you

Why you sold a bunch of tokens to a market maker

Non of this really pouch the price but adoption and ppl who believe in the project.

Here is the link for the petition:

Don't trust, verify, IMO if they have nothing to fear about they wouldn't be making any site for petition, if the project was decentralize enough it couldn't be shot down and governments would have no choice to declare LBRY illegal to run in any computer so basically LBRY should give an F? Mic drop

I'm a realistic person and when I see profit I WILL SELL and when I see opportunity I WILL BUY, IM BUYING LBRY AND LET IT DROP DEEPER BECAUSE IM BUYING!!! The project is legit although I'm taking a prudent risk and not selling the farm for LBC

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