Happy dance!

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Hi guys!

Here's a little scrible of me doing my
Happy dance whoohoo!


2017 was a hard, hard year..

It started of very unfortunate, and forced us to put all of our plans on hold for a while.
I was suposed to find myself a new (paid) job and find a new home, but circumstances occurred and made that impossible sadly.
This last December I decided to get back into the swing of things, the time was right to start house hunting again.


I actively started replying to all houses for rent in our area.
The housing system in the Netherlands is a complicated one, based on our income and household headcount we are placed in a category of very very low chances of a fast successful match, so my expectations of actualy finding something suitable were very low aswell.

Untill I got THE phonecall !

I couldn't believe it when the voice on the other side of the line said:

I have very good news, you are first on the list for such and such house, when can you go view it?

"Wait, say what...?"

This came at the worst time possible,
my boyfriend was away all week for work, my son just came back from hospital..


I panic in certain situations, this is 1 of them, but I kept my cool (thank god)
and arranged everything for a viewing last Saturday..

We instantly fell in love 🖤

I got the final call yesterday,
We got accepted!

We are upgrading !

Bye bye fungus!
Bye bye coldness!
Bye bye old shitty house!

Edit: RATS!
How could I forget the rats!???

Bye bye rats! I won't be missing you guys snooping around my terras!

Helloooooo future!

Finally things are looking up, big city,
watch out, heeeeerreeeeee we come !


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I am so happy for you! Dance away, dance away. You deserve it.


Thank you🤗

Lets dance. Cause dancing can makes you happy


Indeed it does 💃🤗