How to learn anything without frustation.

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We all want to be better at doing different things. Playing an instrument or learning a language etc.But the path of learning isn't straight and easy.

I am currently doing a 8 week Java Bootcamp. We are given so much to do. By lunch time, I feel exhausted. Then after eating and recharging, I'm back coding for few hours. By the end of the day, One day I felt super stressed. I had only learned little of what was being taught. I was not able to understand everything.

Then it hit me. I had learned new things. And that is what mattered. I increased my knowledge compared to last day.

And with this attitude, learning becomes fun and rewarding because you are accumulating something instead of missing out something. Everyone has a different pace to learn, and a different way to learn. When you drop the pressure of acquiring knowledge, I make learning fun again just like a child.

I recommend you try this method.

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