This Mercury Retrograde has been insane. I am tweaking things in my life as you know. You are such an amazing person & friend. You will do awesome in your new path & I cannot wait to follow you in your future adventures. ☺️🥰

Thank you so much for your kindness & mention. I am truly blessed to know you. 🤗♥️

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Hm maybe I can just blame Mercury retrogrades for the the last few days then 🤣

Sorry stuff hasn’t gone seamlessly but you seem to know where you want to go now which is good 🙃

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Keep going. Have faith!

Oh, I'm sad to see you go. :( But I'll see you on the Twitterverse.

Will just be a fresh steem blog! Will post a link to refollow when all set up! <3 <3 <3

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