¿Good or Bad Censorship? // Opinion

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Greetings universe of Steemit, a day like it is good to share subject matter, that awakens the opinion since each one has a different view that makes his opinion original to reinforce his idea, the reasoning of reality as seen by each one, in this case the philosophy will not be guided by a specific author, but what flows from us, if you want to share your idea is welcome at the end, we enter in ear matter to the drummer companions, as a natural person of a society we have the declaration of the will , general is done through the law, for those who do not know virtue as a citizen, you can also make the declaration of public trial, depending on the trial or the fact of the circumstance questioned, that is why there is something that can be manifested, like others that do not since they are confidential, personal, intimate, familiar, within that context, it is important at the moment of issuing a judgment and the most important What content should be censored or what information is appropriate to the case, since public opinion is a kind of law, in which we can be whatever is natural or legal is the qualifier, I explain when we are on the street or in a market openly, we see as a person we do not know, they are taking advantage of it as an observer of the case, it being clear that it is up to each one if I assume or only am a spectator, but think if it was a family member or oneself , since he is a person just like one, he should be censored or he should be helped that the case fellow readers, to issue their judgment to the case. The opinion of the people, there is much that see it as more than its declarer and then the simplicity of the case that departs from it, its decisions are null, ineffective, very timely to the case, remember within a society as a whole we see, how to distinguish the customs of a nation from the objects of its estimation, since it is clear that this comes from the same principle for all, there is a case where it is confused by necessity.

Censorship can be felt according to the nature or also the opinion of others, the one that decides on the choice of their tastes, an open letter in the thinking of all of us, is that censorship maintains customs in such a way that opinions are not they are corrupted, to do as much as possible to preserve the rectitude of these, submitted to trial even when they are still uncertain. Now we go to the political factor for a lot is an uncreative mechanism, but it can be applied properly to preserve citizens' freedom, in another case abuse of censorship as power, since in our humanity there are communities where there is no free exercise of opinion in permanent exercise, where there can be no greater praise, with a greater radical proof of a quiet innocence without honor. But we really see what it means in a general way, we can choose politics as sap laws, since for many societies they see it as a motivation, where it is broken and strengthened at the same chains of particular interest or commitment, it seems ironic that at the moment Every one of us in this world, there already existed laws and censorship, where our will is subject to them, over time custom is created, which defines a culture over time and with this behavior of society, that is why it is good to ask for freedom is to do it for the reason and the heart of our life.

If you like opinions, be free to add content, nobody is censoring your opinion, but only your opinion you are worth a free person just like me and like other greetings we are reading again.


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