The One Thing I Can't Get Used To In The Philippines

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I took this pic the other day of a spider that only had 5 legs. It was so big you could see the flash bounce off of its only eyeball. This thing must have been a mutant or something cuz I've never heard of spiders having 5 legs and only 1 eyeball.

Just to help you judge how big this thing was that Line that goes across the bottom of the picture is the top of my door and the line at the top was where the wall met the ceiling. This thing was about the size of a dinner plate.

Usually I'm not scared of spiders since the only ones we really have in California are a bunch of Daddy Long Legs or those small jumping spiders and the occasional Black widow. For the Most part those spiders are really slow with the exception of the jumping spider so they don't scare me much.

But here in the Philippines the spiders are huge. Not only that but they're also fast. They remind me of that thing from aliens that sucks on to your face and lays eggs inside of you cuz they can jump too.

Whenever there is a storm or the the weather starts to get bad spiders and other bugs out here like to come inside the house for shelter. The Worst part is that when there is a Typhoon/Hurricane power usually goes out for a day or two. you end up sitting in the dark with candles not being able to see much then one of these guys pops up in the corner of your eye and all you want to do is burn the house down.

One of my American friends who is also in Baguio City sent me this pic the other day. These spiders aren't poisonous and are usually more scared of us than we are of them so I really shouldn't be scared but damn they are fast and that scares the crap out of me.

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oh hell no! lol

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Dude you need to be quarantined before you come back. don't bring those alien spiders here!!!


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