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Ajit Pai, The Chairman at the FCC decided they will have the final vote on December 14th on whether to keep net neutrality or replace it with the "Restore Internet Freedom And Eliminate Heavy Handed Internet Regulations act" This proposal is a fucking joke. It's like they are mocking us since it hinders internet freedom by giving ISPs the ability to censor content.

Our Internet is the envy of the world because it is open to all. This proposal(The Restore Internet Freedom And Eliminate Heavy Handed Internet Regulations) tears at the foundation of that openness. It hands broadband providers the power to decide what voices to amplify, which sites we can visit, what connections we can make and what communities we create. It throttles access, stalls opportunity and censors content.
- Jessica Rosenworcel FCC commissioner

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the principal that the internet should be fair, open and have a level playing field. It means that Internet Service Providers (ISP) must treat all data the same. It basically stops big corporations Like Comcast or AT&T from unfairly slowing down competing websites unless they pay more money all the while keeping the speeds of websites they own working perfectly.

Market Forces Will Decide

One of the main arguments that republicans have for deregulation is that market forces will decide if a company succeeds or fails. If Comcast decides to censor content or slow down the speed of competing websites people will leave Comcast and go to their competitor. This is true in most cases but is complete bullshit in this one. The market only has power when there are choices and in the U.S. 96% of people have access to 2 or less Internet service providers.

Theres so many people who have Comcast that don't want to have Comcast but have to because thats the only option they have. Market Forces will not decide in this case. We need to keep net neutrality or accept the fact that internet services will be more expensive since certain websites will have to pay more money to get their data to their customers.

Some Regulations are actually needed in order to protect startups and small businesses. don’t be a dumbass follower who’s onboard with something just because some political asshole says “deregulation” like its always a good thing.

Patents and Copywrite Laws are what…..REGULATIONS….If your so gung ho about completely free markets get rid of those regulations and see how many people will innovate or create new content if anybody can make money on what they have worked so hard on.

Examples Of Shadyness

The chart above is a picture of Netflix download speeds in 2013. In September Comcast demanded that Netflix pay more money to get their content to their customers. Netflix originally refused to pay so Comcast drastically slowed down their speeds which really aggravated Netflix customers. Finally in February 2014 Netflix agreed to their demands and so their internet speeds went back up. Three months later in May 2014 Netflix had to raise prices for new customers to offset this unnecessary expense. Oh and BTW Comcast has a 30% stake in Hulu which is one of Netflix's competitors.

Huge Blow To Small Businesses And Startups

Net Neutrality ensures a level playing field where startups have the ability to supplant established brands. Facebook overtook Myspace which overtook Friendster which overtook Xanga. Without Net Neutrality big corporations can shake down small businesses or startups for more money and even completely refuse to broadcast their data if they are competing with a website they own. In the new proposed system market forces won't decide what company will succeed. The company that succeeds will be the ones that are able to pay the ISPs their "protection money" as if the ISPs are the mob.

What Can We Do

Every person in the U.S. should be writing or calling their congressman to protect net neutrality. There used to be an address at the FCC where people could voice their opinion but Ajit Pai decided he didn't want to listen to the people anymore since there was an overwhelming opposition to his proposal. He since shut down that address but below I've put his personal email address at the FCC where you can write to oppose his new proposal. You can also call or write the FCC at the address and phone number below or even better go there and protest personally.

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington D.C. 20554

1-888-CALL FCC (225-5322)

Ajit Pai's Email at the FCC=

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