My wonderful Sunday and what USA must look out for.

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Curious: Should parents send their child to church even if they don't attend church at all?

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On to better things now.

Today I watch as the two of fastest cars in my community face off on a friendly race, wish I had video it to get you in on the action but it all happen so fast and I was in a heated discussion on who will win the race.

Then we all went to watch some football match over the University of the West indies, which finish nil all as a result of the raining weather, however it was a fair game that had its ups and downs.

On the track and field side the females and males performance didn't fall at all as a result of the poor weather conditions.. I watch as males in the 400 relay were running as if they were running in the 100 meter race and they all didn't break their speed at all other wise knew as bus in the Jamaican language.. Now that have me looking forward to Jamaica winning more medals in the future as today was just a warm up for the big sports day coming up soon.

No one can tell if we will find another star like Usain Bolt but like they we all say that time will tell and base on the performance I saw to day we have a lot in store for the USA team and more stars coming up to represent the wonderful country of Jamaica. I hope we can work on our field performance so that we can become more flexible and earn more models...

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By Andre Peart