Meditation bullshit?

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No? then how about.....

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No? not buying it....

Well then, im no expert in meditation but i did try it a couple of times... and to be fair, i didn't know exactly what to expect, or even maybe i set my expectations too high.

Many of you probably are meditating,or have tried it in the past, or the very least have been interested in it. Have Probably stumbled upon many types of meditation,or many names for this one hobby slash activity. 

Not trying to boor you to death so ill just list some of the Yoga/meditation types:

  1.  Buddhist meditation
  2. Vipassana meditation
  3. Mindfulness meditation
  4. Kundalini yoga
  5.  Qigong
  6. Wing Chun

There are many types of meditation, some use beads, some use anal beads, incense sticks, or even weed.

There are so many different starting rituals to accompany the meditation,that you start to wonder... what's really necessary for mediation.Not even that, what about if its real or fake? Well its hard to speak against millions of people who claim it changed their lives right? Eh but millions of people also believe that the earth is flat #flatearthreal


I'm kidding. or maybe... Lets stop with the bullshit and lets get down to business.

Science has shown that there are benefits to doing yoga, but the variety of benefits are all over the place. That you can't really pin down with what, it actually helps. And all of the meditative types have one core function in them. "Close your eyes,Breath deeply,focus on the breathing so that nothing else is on your mind."And even as a non believer i think unwinding your mind is probably good for you, since you are used to getting visual and audio stimuli through out the day.But all the extra things like, stretching,lighting things on fire,sitting in a particular pose, is mostly flavor to the activity to feel more special. But that's my opinion and if you actually read this far ....